Review: Enjoy The Show, Intermission & Double Feature by Erika Almond (Steamy Love Scenes #1-3)

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Type: Erotica

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Reviewer: Nikki


Enjoy The Show: After finding out her boyfriend’s been unfaithful, Josie heads to the movie theater to cool off from the summer heat and her blazing temper. She has no idea how steamy things are about to get. When hot and handsome actor Miles sits next to her in the empty balcony, he and Josie make their own X-rated film. But more than clothing is shed during their risqué matinee, and Josie may find her drama being re-scripted as a love story—if she’ll let Miles be her new leading man.

Intermission:  Josie’s still rocked by her risque matinee with hot movie star Miles but her no-account ex Riley is causing her grief. Once she squares him away, Josie arranges for a special midnight show with Miles before he leaves for Hollywood. But Miles isn’t ready to cut Josie out of his picture just yet. He enlists her to help him pick out his next script and the two act out a very sexy scene of their own. Josie might just be a good time in the intermission between movie projects for Miles but she wonders if she’d like to be the star of his show.

Double Feature: Josie’s sexy ex Riley is back, this time with his heart (and other body parts) set on winning the only woman who could match his skill and desires in the bedroom. But when he discovers that even he, Wily Riley, isn’t immune to heartbreak he has to figure out how to pick up the pieces again.

Hot movie star Miles wants to convince Josie to be his leading lady with an elaborate claiming ritual guaranteed to get a triple-X rating. Secrets playing out behind the scenes could have Josie strutting the red carpet to true love—or falling back into the arms of the man who first rocked her world.


The Steamy Love Scenes series are quick one sitting reads with only around 130 pages total between the three books. If you are looking for some erotica then you’d probably enjoy this. If you want more of an erotic romance, well, you might think this one is a bit short on story line.

Book one opens with Josie heading into a free movie looking for a way to escape the summer heat while her cheating ex moves out. She settles into the balcony of the historic theater hoping to get a few hours by herself and some blessed silence. She’s soon joined by an incredibly good looking man who immediately catches her eye and soon she finds out he’s starring in the slasher flick she’s seeing…along with what he looks like in the throws of an orgasm. Because Josie and Miles go at it likes they’ve known each other more than about 30 seconds. That’s all there is. Just them meeting and some sexy times. About 30 pages worth.

The second book, Intermission, is Josie trying to decide if she’s willing to open herself up to Miles in between being tied to her bed and doing doggy style during a lovely picnic. Miles is infinitely patient with Josie and her gun-shy tendencies. This one is roughly 40 pages and most of it is sex. Are you starting to sense a pattern?

The last part of this trio is the longest book in the series at 60 pages and it also boasts the largest price tag. Not that the author has much say in it but $4.48 (Amazon) and $5.49 (Barnes&Noble)  for a 60 page book is an insane amount of money and Ellora’s Cave needs to realize that. Because I would have a hard time paying that for a full length book, let alone one that is only 60 pages and that’s including from my favorite authors.

Double Play gives readers a more in depth look at Josie’s ex who seems to think it’s his job to hump everything with a vagina within hearing distance. I’m not sure if the author was trying to get me to like his character by giving him more face time in this book but honestly it didn’t work. I’m not big on cheaters and he wasn’t even in a gray area. He had cheated on Josie and gave her the excuse of boinking the real estate lady to get her a better house. I mean, really? Then he talks about sleeping with someone else, then Josie’s cougar neighbor and finally some Hollywood type who gets him a reality show after he and Josie break up. AND he totally doesn’t understand why she broke up with him.

Of course we get more sex between Josie and Miles and finally Josie makes up her mind about what, and who she truly wants to be with.

Erika Almond has potential here but I don’t think these were executed completely. I suppose if you were looking for straight sex this series would work for you but I wanted more. Which is why I will pick erotic romance over erotica every time. There is nonexistent character development and the plot is severely lacking.  The sex was well wrote but the constant repeating terminology got a bit old. Almond refers to Josies vagina as her honeypot and her clit as her pearl repeatedly. I understand the need authors feel to come up with interesting terms to use during sex scenes but this just did not work for me. The characters kept saying things like “hellfire!” and “spitfire!” and it came off stilted and unreal. Perhaps it’s a cultural/regional thing but I have never heard anyone use either of those let alone use them over and over. This includes all the books I’ve read as well. Because of these issues the dialogue felt forced and unnatural. Not to mention Josie’s quick “all in” mentality over the course of the week that her and Miles know each other.

This series was over the top and quite unbelievable. Erika Almond has potential but ultimately these fell short for me.

I give Enjoy The Show, Intermission & Double Play by Erika Almond 2.75 stars!



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