Giving In by Maya Banks (The Surrender Trilogy #2)

Giving In by Maya BanksAvailable: May 6, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Kylie sees the way Jensen looks at her. The dark promise in his eyes. That rough edge of dominance she knows he possesses. But dominance is the one thing that frightens her above all else. She and her brother barely survived a childhood steeped in violence and abuse. She could never give up total control and submit to a man. Especially a man like Jensen. Could she?

Jensen sees the shadows in Kylie’s eyes. Knows he has to tread very carefully or risk losing any chance he has with her. All he wants is the opportunity to show her that dominance doesn’t equal pain, bondage or discipline. That emotional surrender is the most powerful of all, and that to submit—fully to him—will fulfill the aching void in her heart in a way nothing else ever will.


An abusive childhood has shaped Kylie into the woman she is today. Afraid of the world, men, a lot of things, she has sheltered herself in her work and two close friends. She never ventures past the security she had built around her. The loss of her brother and only protector still keeps her up at night along with the vicious nightmares of being back in her childhood home. When her boss hires another man to take her brothers place she strikes out in fear of the change and the dominance this man represents. She may have to work with him, but she certainly doesn’t have to like him.

Jensen may have dominant tendencies but he’ll control them for Kylie if that’s what she needs. All he really wants is a chance to show her the real him. The man behind the stoic mask. His unwavering support slowly draws Kylie out of her comfort zone but her leeriness is always a constant companion. As they get closer Jensen will have to battle Kylie and her demons if he stands a chance at winning her heart.

Going into this one I had high hopes because I loved book one and the set up for Kylie and Jensen was perfect. Yet after reading Giving In I’m left with a feeling of emptiness. I think my main problem is that this book seems like a lot of other books, even Maya Banks own work. There was nothing that set it apart from its counterparts and I’m getting tired of reading the same story line again and again. The abused heroine, the dominant hero, they are all blending together.

As far as the characters go, if I get past the unoriginality I felt towards them I liked them well enough I suppose. I’m not cold-hearted, I felt bad for Kylie’s plight and her need to rise about her childhood and finally move on with her life. I thought Banks stayed true to her characters throughout the book and it was well paced with Kylie’s progression toward a healthy relationship. She was a hard character to fall in love with because she was often bitchy and rude, not only in this book but in the first one as well. Jensen wasn’t nearly as “in your face” as I wanted him to be but I guess that’s also true to his character and determination NOT to upset Kylie more than he had to. His back story didn’t really engage me but as a man I thought he had good intentions and his patience level with Kylie was off the charts.

The climax of the book felt rushed and understated. It was as if Banks wasn’t sure where to go with what she had started but needed to finish up the book quickly. For a book with such touchy subject matter there wasn’t nearly enough angst or darkness for me. I wanted something big to happen and it just…didn’t.

I will read book three simply because the characters are already married and that’s not the norm for my reading material. It will be interesting to see how Banks shows us their relationship since it was cemented long before the book begins.

While I’ll always adore Maya Banks, I feel as though she’s cranking them out too fast and the pizzazz is suffering as a result.


I give Giving In by Maya Banks 2.75 stars

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