Review: Murder Comes Ashore by Julie A. Lindsey (Patience Price #2)

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Type: Mystery

Publisher: Carina

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Reviewer: Pam

Patience Price is just settling into her new life as resident counselor on Chincoteague Island when things take a sudden turn for the worse. A collection of body parts have washed up on shore and suddenly nothing feels safe on the quaint island.

Patience instinctively turns to current crush and FBI special agent Sebastian for help, but former flame Adrian is also on the case, hoping that solving the grisly crime will land him a win in the upcoming mayoral election.

When the body count rises and Patience’s parents are brought in as suspects, Patience is spurred to begin her own investigation. It’s not long before she starts receiving terrifying threats from the killer, and though she’s determined to clear her family’s name, it seems the closer Patience gets to finding answers, the closer she comes to being the killer’s next victim.

Murder Comes Ashore is the second book in this engaging series and I was thoroughly entertained with all the action, unknowns and romance that I have come to enjoy in a murder mystery.

Patience Price returned to her hometown, Chincoteague not long ago, but she has already experienced enough action to last a lifetime when she helped solved a resent murder. She was downsized from her FBI job and has become the island counselor; it is quite funny as the locals pay her in food, handyman help and sometimes even cash. She came back home with her colleague Sebastian, an agent who is lying low because he seems to have angered a mob boss, Sebastian is also someone she wants to get to know more intimately.

When Patience finds body parts washed up on the shore the rumors of shark attacks and serial killers start to make the rounds, and all hell breaks loose when two people are found dead.

Unfortunately her parents are accused of the murders and as she ramps up her investigation it lands her in trouble with both Sebastian and a mysterious someone that wants her dead. And just to add to the chaos, birder’s who are visiting the island to bird watch make the situation more difficult.

Ms. Lindsey is an author whose work I have come to enjoy reading; her characters are engaging and her stories have just the right amount of humor and mystery to keep me turning the pages until the end.

Patience is so much fun, she has this inquisitive side that lands her in trouble more often than not, her wit and perception help her travel throughout the day but there are times when she needs a little help from family and friends. When we left Patience in Murder by the Seaside she had her hands full with the two men in her life, Adrian her friend and past boyfriend and Sebastian, the FBI investigator who is laying low on the island. At the time I was torn with whom I wanted her to be with, but this story helps with my choice and I like where the romance is heading.

Sebastian is the hot, hunky guy who has captured Patience’s heart and I have been won over since the first book, they work well together even though I did want to ring his neck a time or two when he thinks he is protecting her by staying away. The two get closer throughout the book, there is light romance that is more implied than actually hot but it works well with the story. I have to admit that I have always like Adrian, he is so nice and seems to always be around when Patience needs him, and yes I understand that Patience is trying to move forward in her life but at times I do feel for him as I think he still carries a torch for her.

I truly love the humor surrounding the mystery and danger, when Team Adrian T-shirts start showing up I had to laugh out loud, they even tried to hide them for awhile. And while we try to be serious when her parents are in jail, it is very funny that they had all the comforts of home, rugs and furniture with their jail door propped wide open for visitors. The trouble that Patience seems to get into without trying is humorous, at least until real danger from an unknown assailant almost kills her. I enjoyed the pace of the story, the mystery and dangers were exciting and I kept guessing until the end about who was responsible. This story has a very satisfying conclusion but there is still the theory that the mob boss wants to murder Sebastian, so I am looking forward to more from this seaside community. Murder Comes Ashore is a very enjoyable mystery with light romance and enough humor for an enjoyable read.

I give Murder Comes Ashore by Julie Anne Lindsey 4.25 stars!

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