The Warrior’s Bride by Amanda Scott (Lairds of The Loch #3)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever/Hatchet

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Reviewer: Pam

Robert MacAulay, heir to a powerful Baron, is known for being a skilled warrior with a strong sense of duty. His respectable reputation, along with his devotion to the king, is why Andrew MacFarlan and hope he’d agree to marry his youngest daughter, Lady Muriella. Though lovely, Lady Muriella is a bit impulsive, and Andrew believes she needs a man like Rob to tame her. But for reasons Rob refuses to share, he turns down Andrew’s request and vows never to wed.

Lady Muriella never wanted to take a husband, but after seeing her two older sisters happily settled, she’s beginning to think marriage may have its merits – especially if it means finding a husband as handsome as Rob. When she learns that Rob has refused her without even knowing her, she becomes determined to seduce him into changing his mind. Then she will be the one to say no to him.

Muriella’s game change from dangerous to deadly when she’s captured by her father sworn enemy Dougal. He wants to claim Muriella for himself as a way to take over the MacFarlan lands. As Rob plans a rescue, Muriella makes an escape attempt of her own – and lands them both in more trouble than either had anticipated. Finding themselves suddenly bound to one another, they begin to share their deepest secrets and finally give in to the passion they’ve been denying. But Dougal will not be so easily defeated. Will their new love be destroyed before it’s even begun?

The Warrior’s Bride is the third book in the Lairds of the Loch and it has become my favorite. I have fallen in love with Ms. Scott’s writing and voice. I found that the book carried me away to this special time and place, and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

King Jamie’s Scotland is a very chaotic place, Jamie tries to bring some order over the all the clans but many do not want his interference and they try to invoke their own laws in protest. Robert (Rob) MacAulay of Ardincaple is a strong warrior who is to be Laird someday; he has traveled to Tur Meiloach to see Andrew MacFarlan, to ask about his enemy Pharlain, one of those Lairds who has trouble with Jamie.

Lady Muriella MacFarlan is Andrew’s third daughter and although she does not claim to have the same gifts as her sisters, she still can sense things and is the storyteller of the clan. Murie finds out that her father offered her in marriage to Rob a year ago and he turned him down, now she is offended and wants to know why. She visits Rob to talk but is kidnapped by Dougal, Pharlain’s son and taken back to his castle. When she hears that she is to marry Dougal or face a punishment that Pharlain will grant because of an antiquated Scottish laws, she claims to all that will hear that she is already married…to Rob. And if you say it in Scotland, it is true.

I really like this third book, I am not sure if it is because the more I read from this author the more I enjoy her stories, or if I was more familiar with the family and the back story, but whatever it is, I truly enjoyed this one.

Ms. Scott transports us back to a time of warriors, maidens and some very strange laws that govern the country. I find it amazing to look back at how things were done and what people thought in ancient Scotland. The lore and mystical reverence are so interesting and I love how the author weaves history, fantasy and fiction into her stories.

Murie is young, impulsive and naïve believing she is safe around her castle and although her parents can be strict, they have indulged her wishes. She is the clan storyteller and seems to have her head in the clouds most of the time. I like her straightforwardness as she asks questions that she believes she has every right to ask, even to King Jamie which is very humorous and when she meets Rob’s mother, the woman does not know what hits her. I also like how she helps others during a dangerous time with her calming ways, yet still unsure of her gifts.

Rob is amazing, I absolutely fell in love with him; he has this quiet strength about him that seems to shout his control and power. I love how he talks to Murie which caused humorous banter between the two. Rob and Murie are well suited and the romance is sweet – the relationship simply works, and although there is not a lot of steam in her books we do see love evolve slowly through time between the two. This is the third book in the series and although there is a large back story and there are many previous characters that are featured, she explains the story throughout her writing and I believe it could be read as a standalone. This is also the end of the series and I am saddened but the conclusion is satisfying and very enjoyable. All in all a wonderful book and series and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

I give The Warrior’s Bride by Amanda Scott 4.25 stars!

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