Feel The Rush by Kelsie Leverich (Hard Feelings #2)

Feel The Rush by Kelsie LeverichAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: NAL Trade

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Picking the wrong men is a talent Meagan Mitchell has perfected. She’s sweet, confident, beautiful—and single. With her thirtieth birthday sneaking up on her, she needs a new plan. No more Mr. Wrongs or Mr. Bads, it’s time to find Mr. Safe….

Army Captain, Reed Porter, lives for the thrill—he’s an Airborne Jumpmaster with a rush addiction. He’s sexy and playful, and he quickly tempts Meagan with his rich Southern drawl and sinful looks. But slowing down and settling down are not in his agenda, making him exactly the type of man Meagan wants to avoid…

As their undeniable attraction heats up, Meagan has to decide if she’s willing to risk everything on a chance at love with a reckless charmer. Is she brave enough to bet her future—and her heart—on Mr. Thrill? Or will Reed finally learn that the feeling of a safe landing is just as addicting as the rush of the fall?

This is a wonderfully sexy book with all the right ingredients needed to make this one a keeper, including romance, humor and engaging characters.

Meagan Mitchell is about to turn 30, she had a five year plan – five years ago which has not worked out, and no matter how much she tried, she dated every wrong man she could find. Now she has a new plan, she is going to find Mr. Safe. Unfortunately she is not attracted to that type of man and she must make some decisions about who she is and what she wants for the future.

Meagan moves with her best friend Eva to Fort Benning from Fort Drum, she is ready for a change and since she is a nurse she figures she can get a job anywhere. While moving into their new apartment, she meets Read Porter, Captain of the Parachute Regiment; he is not one to live on the safe side of life. The interesting thing is that one night, eight years ago they shared some incredible sex, a one night stand that she never forgot, and he needs a nudge to remember, but once he does he is ready to continue what they started.

I really enjoyed this second in the series; Ms. Leverich writes some amazing military heroes and heroines that capture our hearts. I like that we get the point of view from the two main characters, what they are thinking and the insights we gain. Reed is a very sexy, thrill seeker who has no plans to settle down, he is always after the next adventure and enjoys the ride. My heart broke for this man when you find out what plagues him from his past and what he must get through in order to make that commitment jump.

I loved the two together, Reed introduces Meagan to the fun in life that she seems to be missing, and she begins to take more risks and enjoys the moment of now. Meagan in turn helps him heal, giving him what he needs to get past his hurts. I did find it hard to watch Meagan struggle with the type of men she feels she needs in her life, but Reed helps her see the light. The chemistry is off the wall as they share some exceptionally amazing scenes together, I definitely needed a fan.

The plot is a bit slower in the beginning as we watch the relationship grow but picks up nicely when we get to know these two and also the interesting secondary characters that add depth to the story. I really like Eva, she is a go getter and I love how their friendship is seamless. Even though this is part of a series, it can easily be a standalone but I do recommend the first book, The Valentine’s Arrangement. All in all a wonderful story that hits all the emotional buttons a great romance should.

I give Feel the Rush by Kelsie Leverich 4 stars!

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