Mario Kart Mayhem


This past Christmas my mom bought us a Wii for our family gift. I never thought it would get as much use as it has to date. Up until last Thanksgiving we had never let our kids play video games. I can hear little boys everywhere shrieking in horror. Anyways, when I found out what my mom planned on getting us I figured it would be a good time to bust out the ole Nintendo 64 (from when the hubby and I were dating) to at least introduce games to our 7 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter. My son has moderately severe ADHD and so I knew he would have to have some practice in the gaming world or he would have a melt down at not being able to master the Wii controls. So I hooked it up to the tv upstairs and let him have it. I haven’t seen him since. I am now realizing why I didn’t allow him to play it the first 7 yrs of his life. I am pretty sure it changes their genetic makeup because he is not the same child when it is on.

Ok, so when we got the Wii the husband wanted Mario Kart. I figured this was a good thing because I could play that one to. I am a girl, therefore gaming is not in my genes. I do not like first person shooter games where the goal is who can get the biggest bloodbath. I like cute cartoon games with silly music. Mario Kart was safe bet.

We have now had it since Christmas, Mario Kart is basically all that is played even though we have about 10 games. I play occasionally, but the hubby and the boy play constantly, all weekend long. The boy is only allowed to play the Wii on the weekend since it is on our main tv. He still plays the N64 upstairs during the week where his time limit is 2 hours (during the summer). Since my laptop has a battery that SUCKS I am tethered to the couch where they play. I am now starting to hear Mario Kart music in my sleep. When I am driving through town and someone cuts me off I immediately wish I had a red shell to throw out my window at them. Or maybe a bomb to throw out behind my car. That would teach them. Then I would laugh in a weird cartoon way as I drove by. Sometimes I wish I had a star, you know, so I wouldn’t need roads. Just drive through everything. I would be able to get to Walmart so much faster that way. This is what happens to me. I sit here and update my blog, tweet on twitter, go to facebook…all while I am listening to Mario Kart online. Oh yes, they play online. The actual game part was beat many months ago. And every time the boy sees another person with the same name as someone he knows in the real world, he insist that its them. And every time he insists I have to explain that there are millions of Noah’s or Josh’s in the world. Then there is the yelling…oh the yelling! While I have been writing this I have heard at least 10 screams of frustration that someone isn’t playing fair. When the hubby is playing alone after the kids go to bed I hear frustrated yells laced with profanity. You try updating a blog with all this commotion not 2 feet from you.

So now everyone understands when I update anything and it’s not coherent. You now understand what I am dealing with. I think the only solution would be to buy a new laptop so I can untie myself from the couch and go elsewhere. Now, if only unemployed hubby could find a job so that would be do-able. I’m willing to relocate….him.


  1. Oh Nikki – let me tell you about Mario Kart. I kick ass at it. It’s the only video game I’m good at! I keep deleting my license and starting all over! I play the kids, I beat them. I play Arn, I beat him. The funny thing is Arn is the only one who gets mad!!! HAHA!

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