Overcome by Annmarie McKenna

Overcome by Annmarie McKennaAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance (Menage)

Publisher: Taliesin

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Anna Belky happily walked away from her ex, the lying cheating bastard she caught in her own bed with Miss “Candy Apple.” Anna’s supposed to be getting her revenge by being deliriously happy with a new job and a beautiful house on the lake. 

Instead she finds herself without financial resources and homeless when someone sabotages her perfect new life. And even weirder, two strangers invite her to live with them, both of them, and be their love. Two sexy and way-too-hot-for-their-own-good strangers. 

Marc Newberry and Colton Montross are half-brothers and the ruling alphas of the local shifter pack. Imagine their surprise when they discover the house they just bought belongs to the one woman in the world fated to be their shared mate. Of course, she has her quirks, like chattering on about nothing when she gets nervous, she won’t follow orders worth a damn, and has even dug a hole in their backyard. 

Despite these glitches, the trio’s shared bond is hot enough to melt the polar icecap, and their growing love for each other is undeniable. But their mating could only be a fleeting joy. As the bad luck following Anna begins to grow from annoying to downright dangerous, will they survive to meet Fate’s demands?

Finding out the house you were told was yours actually has two smoking hot wolf shifters living in it isn’t the way that Anna wanted to start her new life after divorcing her cheating bastard of a husband. Coupled with the fact that strange things keep happening to her and the shifters claim she is their mate, well she’s a bit overwhelmed.

Marc and Colton are determined to have Anna all to themselves. They may have to tread lightly because while she’s aware of shifters, being human leaves her with a lot of questions, including their need to share her. As dual alphas of their pack they can wait for her to come around, but not too long because their need to have her will become very insistent. As the weird occurrences happening around Anna become more aggressive they soon realize that they’ll have to protect their mate, or lose her forever.

As my first book by Annmarie McKenna I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’m always a bit leary trying an author I’ve never read before but I found Overcome to be a decent story with likable characters. Anna and her two alphas are well matched with each other and they all three brought something different to the table. Together their scenes were pretty hot and McKenna goes the extra mile to portray her vision.

Where this book falters is the story line. Parts of it simply didn’t make much sense. The person behind the strange events happening to Anna goes from petty inconveniences to WAY aggressive extremely too fast. There should have been a steady increase but instead the author jumps the shark in order to close out the book. So in that respect either the book needed to be longer or the story a bit better paced.

Also, Anna suffers from debilitating migraines and while this seems to be a set up for something in the beginning that direction seems to completely fizzle out rather quickly. I wished there would have been more to it in the story or it not been put in at all. Sure it made Anna seems a bit weaker but I also enjoy a heroine who overcomes her obstacles.

Annmarie McKenna is an author I will read again. Other than the pacing of the story I really liked her voice. I found it to be fresh and the characters to be well done. Anna’s mouthy attitude was a winner with this reader and I really liked her interactions with both men, while alone and together. The sex scenes were well done for the menage genre and were increasingly hot as the story progressed. All in all, a pretty good read.


I give Overcome by Annmarie McKenna 3 stars!

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