Midnight Pursuits by Elle Kennedy (Killer Instincts #4)

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Her job is to stay hidden. Too bad he can’t take his eyes off her. Soldier-for-hire Ethan Hayes is the youngest member of an elite mercenary team. While he may be affectionately nicknamed the rookie, the skills Ethan honed as a Marine make him seriously dangerous. But when a sudden distress call puts him in close quarters with a rival, he finds more than his field skills being put to the test.

Juliet Mason stands out as the master thief in a covert group of assassins and spies. Her latest mission is personal—and it’s gone horribly wrong. Juliet may prefer to work alone, but when the rookie comes to her aid in snowy Eastern Europe, she can’t deny they make a good team. But even up against a powerful enemy, their most challenging task yet may be fighting the passion between them…

I absolutely love this book, the action is exciting, the plot interesting and the romance is perfect with just enough snark, banter and passion between the hero and heroine to put this on my list of best books for this year.

Ethan Hayes is the rookie of a team of mercenaries hired to do jobs around the world; he is on a vacation enjoying the solitude when the phone that Isabel leaves behind rings and he notices that it is from Juliet Mason, a woman who works with Isabel. Believing he will quickly tell her that Isabel is on her honeymoon he is surprised when she can barely speak and then the phone goes dead.

Previously Juliet had rushed to Belarus when she found out her brother had been shot and was in grave danger. She was able to talk to him before he died and finds out that he was shot by his fiancé’s murderer. She learns that their killer is an assassin who was hired by Dimitry Orlov, the corrupt Minister of Defense in Belarus. The assassin is killed by Juliet, but not before he gets a shot off and she is injured. She manages to place a call to Isabel but passes out during the call which alarms Ethan. He travels to find her burning up in a hotel room, so keeps watch while she fights off an infection. She is not happy when she wakes up and finds him there but they agree on a plan, she will get her revenge on Orlov while helping to protect the last three people alive on a list of victims that Orlov wants dead.

This series is amazing, featuring kick ass heroes that are swoon worthy and strong heroines that can hold their own with the best of them. This is the fourth book in the Killer Instinct series and has become my favorite; I truly enjoy the camaraderie between those on Morgan and Noelle’s team and love the trash talk that goes on between the two teams. They have different work missions but seem to team up several times and try to work together without killing each other. I am sure the attitude is because of the relationship or lack of, between Morgan and Noelle, there is some serious history there and I can’t wait to read their story, which is next!

I am not sure how to describe Ethan; he is the rookie of the bunch, just 25 but is a marine and has experienced hurt in his past. Everyone likes him, and would do anything for him; he is the little brother they all take care of. But he can hold his own with the best of them, and he wants to prove it to Juliet when she teases him relentlessly about his lack of experience in the field and what she believes in his bed. He proves her wrong on all fronts as they go from one dangerous situation to another and their attraction is too much for them to ignore. The chemistry between them is powerful and I enjoy the point where Juliet looks at him a bit differently after a passionate scene.

Juliet comes off as a woman without feelings or a conscience, we believe she is willing to go after Orlov without a single thought of the three people still on the list, but we all saw her with her brother and Ethan makes a point to show her that she is not without feelings, it is an emotional scene that cemented how I felt about her.

Several of Ethan’s team members help with the mission including D and Noelle, who show up together engaged in their own interesting relationship. I like D and choked up when he described how he felt about Ethan when his whereabouts were unknown. But D and Noelle’s relationship quickly ends when Morgan joins the fray; there is something between Noelle and Morgan that is undeniable.

The plot progression is perfect, the story unfolds slowly as Juliet is healing and they make plans, the story then goes into overdrive as the team tries to protect the three remaining hits as the danger ramps up, it was hard to put the book down. Midnight Pursuits can easily be read as a standalone since the story is self contained with a wonderful HEA. There are characters from previous books that appear throughout and have important parts in the story but the author weaves them in seamlessly. All in all this is a wonderful book that I highly recommend.

I give Midnight Pursuits by Elle Kennedy 5 stars!

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