Nobody by Sarah M Anderson (Men of White Sandy #3)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

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Reviewer: Pam

Nobody Bodine came from a nobody and will always be a nobody. He can disappear into the shadows—no one can see him if he doesn’t want them to. He exists on the edge, in neither the white man’s world nor the tribe’s, dispensing vigilante justice when he sees fit. There’s no other place for a man like him in this world.

Until Melinda Mitchell shows up on the rez. From the first moment he lays eyes on her, he can tell there’s something different about her. For starters, she’s not afraid of him. She asks where his scars came from, and why he has so many. But more than that, she sees him. For the first time in his life, Nobody feels like a somebody in her eyes. Melinda has come west to run the new day care on the White Sandy Reservation. She’s intrigued by this strange man and his tattered skin, and when she discovers that he’s a self-appointed guardian angel for the boy in her care, she realizes that there’s more to Nobody than meets the eyes. But how far will he go to keep the boy safe? And will she be able to draw him into the light?

Oh I have waited for Nobody’s story since the first book in this series and I loved it! The troubled hero is all that I imagined and I thoroughly enjoyed his tale.

Nobody Bodine did not exist in the white world or the tribe’s world, he was brought up to believe he was a nobody who had no champions to help. Yet he watches from the shadows, looking out for others in need, especially for a young boy named Jamie.

Melinda Mitchell has come to the White Sandy Reservation to run the day care center. Melinda’s sister Madeline is the doctor here and the day care is situated next door. The sisters came from a privileged background yet have always wanted to help others. Melinda is looking to start over; her last relationship did not work out, she seems to pick losers for boyfriends and she thought of herself as the odd daughter of their family, Madeline was the perfect student and Melinda was always a little different, but she always had a special way with kids.

Most of the residents did not look at Nobody, they were either afraid of him or refused to acknowledge his existence, all except Rebel, Madeline, Jamie, and now Melinda, she sees him more than the others, watches him in the shadows and knows when he is around. They form this interesting relationship that seems to grow into more each day, but the trust they have built up is tested when they must intervene in Jamie’s life to save him.

I absolutely love the tortured hero trope, and Nobody fits perfectly into my happy place.

Nobody’s story is so sad, what he went through and suffered is horrific and you just want to take care of him, yet he is the big scary man to most of those on the rez. It was interesting to me that the tribe did not surround him with love and affection while he was a boy, that no one came to his rescue in time to prevent most of the damage, but either times have changed or people had their own problems to worry about and from what I understand, living on a reservation is not an easy life. It is truly amazing that he grew up to be the man he is and not some psycho. The vision quest that he experienced while confined and the help of Albert, Rebel’s grandfather also seems to have had some influence on him.

I really like Melinda, a sort of free spirit who saw him right away; I think it startles him at first as he waits in the shadows. I love the notes she leaves him daily, I think it makes him feel special. The relationship between Nobody and Melinda is amazing, he is so self conscience and she is so straightforward that they complement each other perfectly. The chemistry works well and they steam the pages up when together. The relationship between Melinda and Madeline is interesting; there is some jealousy between them (goes both ways) and they snipe at each other like true sisters but you can see the love and respect. It is interesting that Madeline has not changed much from the first book, I would have thought she would have mellowed some being around Rebel but she is still the same, I actually am glad, as they also complement each other. I have always liked Rebel; the fact that he plays such a large role in this book makes me happy.

The plot progression works well and the story moves along perfectly, I did hate the fact that Melinda punishes him by making him stay confined for so long, he is like a little kid with his emotions and I felt he could not control his actions with Jamie, but of course it works out in the end. Although this is the third in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone, there are characters from previous books that come and go but you will not feel lost as the author melds the characters effortlessly. I highly recommend this emotional love story filled with a tortured hero, angst galore and a heroine that helps him heal.

I give Nobody by Sarah M Anderson 4.50 stars!

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