Binding The Shadows by Jenn Bennett (Arcadia Bell #3)

Binding The Shadows by Jenn BennettAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Renegade mage and bartender Arcadia Bell has had a rough year, but now the door to her already unstable world is unhinging. When a citywide crime wave erupts, Cady’s demon-friendly tiki bar is robbed by Earthbounds wielding surreal demonic abilities that just flat-out shouldn’t exist. With the help of her devilishly delicious boyfriend, Lon Butler, Cady sets out to find the people who wronged her—but her targets aren’t the only ones experiencing unnatural metamorphoses. Can Cady track down the monsters responsible before the monster inside her destroys everything—and everyone—she loves? If she survives this adventure, one thing is certain: it’s last call for life as she knows it.


Arcadia Bell just wants a bit of downtime, but unfortunately that just isn’t in the cards for her and her demon boyfriend Lon. After her bar is robbed she sets out to find the people responsible for the crime and ends up getting drawn into a mystery of heightened demon knacks that is quickly spreading out of control.

After finishing Binding The Shadows in a whirlwind reading marathon I have so many feels that I don’t know where to begin. I seriously wanted to scream at the ending, so prepare yourself, it’s a doozy and a half! I love this series so much that it’s hard for me to describe all the whys and the hows. The superb world and character building of the entire series is just so perfect, so incredibly rounded that I can think of zero complaints thus far to knock it down a rating. So five star all the way and let me tell you why:

1. Lon – Holy hotness on a stick, the feelings he draws forth from Cady (ahem and from me) in his smoldering looks….his lip quirks…his protective stance. Just….damn. Even in an urban fantasy, Bennett does not short readers on the continuing romance and for that I have to bow down to her. Because Lon is everything I want in a man in any book. He’s sheer perfection even with his faults.

2. Cady – She’s the perfect heroine because she’s not perfect, she has her faults and her self esteem takes some massive blows from time to time. No more so than in Binding The Shadows when she’s faced with not only the realization that her mother may not be dead, but also when she’s confronted with Lon’s in laws AND ex-wife. Her struggle in finding out who she really is and what she’s truly capable of is at the heart of each book. As her character grows into her powers within this book we only find out more of what Cady may be capable of accomplishing, especially when those she loves are in the crosshairs.

3. Lon and Cady together – Just….HOT. I love how they dance around their emotions, unable to vocalize what exactly they mean to each other.

4. Jupe – Jupiter is probably the most awesome child character ever. His constant questions and quirky attitude is spot on perfection. He’s just so lovable and cute with his head full of spiral ringlets that you can’t help but love him. He’s never afraid to express his feelings which shows especially in this book because of his confrontation with his absentee mother.

5. All the secondary characters – Kar Yee, Bob, Priya, the creepy death dowser who wants in Cady’s pants…each has their own story and brings something extra special to the book. Their comedic timing helps move the story line along and gives readers a reprieve from some of the more darker elements.

As Cady and Lon try to figure out where the local demons are getting a boost in their powers they’ll have to dodge the out of control while trying to keep themselves in tact. There’s always an underlying motive to these books and Binding The Shadows isn’t any different. It’s all tied together even when you think it isn’t. By the last page of the book I was pulled so tight with all the conflicting emotions I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. The best moments come in the silence, the looks between characters and the emotion those looks portray.

Filled with action, suspense, one liners and heart, Binding The Shadows is top notch reading! Completely original. Jenn Bennett…you’ve made a loyal reader in me and I’ll now follow you anywhere….

I give Binding The Shadows by Jenn Bennett 5 stars! 



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