Searching For Perfect by Jennifer Probst (Searching For #2)

Searching For Perfect by Jennifer ProbstAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Gallery Books

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

The up-and-coming matchmaking agency Kinnections is the hottest thing to hit Verily, New York—just like Kennedy Ashe, social director for the service she owns with her two best girlfriends. A coach, consultant, and cheerleader rolled into one super-sizzling package, Kennedy creates dream dates, encourages singles to shine, and never refuses a challenge—not even Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, rocket scientist, nerd extraordinaire, and Kennedy’s newest client.

Kennedy vows to work her magic and transform this hot mess in a lab coat with a disastrous relationship track record into the most wanted man on the Verily dating scene. If only she could turn the wand on herself . . .

Though she radiates confidence and sex appeal, Kennedy harbors deep-seated insecurities from a tormented past and lifelong struggle with weight issues. When she realizes she and Nate are cut from the same cloth and might be perfect together, can Kennedy learn to let her heart lead the way? Or will her fears sentence her to the sidelines as Nate finds love—with someone else?

Such an enjoyable book, I love the premise of this one, a nerd needs help finding his true love and she is right in front of him. The two are both fighting high school traumas that are tough to get over but with a bit of help from The Book of Spells anything can happen.

Nathan Ellison Raymond Dunkel is a nerd in the truest sense of the word; usually he has a stain on his lab coat, looks rumpled most of the time and enjoys researching anything he finds fascinating. During most of his life people called him Ned and he was bullied in school, he rose above all that and is very successful in his life, but he is lonely and wants a change, a wife and a steady lifestyle. So after a disastrous Speed Dating night where Kennedy observes his techniques she takes him on as a client with Kinnections.

As Kennedy treats Nate to all of Kinnection’s makeover secrets, they both start to feel their own pull toward each other, if only they can get past the pain from their childhoods.

What an engaging story filled with humor and some amazing chemistry between the hero and heroine. I really enjoyed this second book in the Searching series about Kinnections, a matchmaking business that uses just a bit of magic to help its clients find true love.

Nate is one of my new favorite book boyfriends; he is smart, funny and really falls fast for Kennedy while going along with the makeover. He throws himself fully into anything he does and enjoys. When he learned the game of golf he did extensive research and became a great study of the game and when he decided he wanted to date, he researched how to please a woman in bed and oh my does he know what he is doing. Sure he has his faults, he works too much and has some issues from his past but I absolutely fell for him. Kennedy made a great heroine but seemed to have much more to overcome from her past that made her stay away from all long term relationships. The chemistry between them is amazing and the sex scenes truly sizzle as he puts his research to work – oh my.

The secondary characters add much to the story as Kate, Arilyn and Genevieve are good friends and share several story lines throughout the book and of course are part of Kinnections. I like how we see Kate with her special touch and witness Arilyn being vague with her date. I am also intrigued by their friend Genevieve and look forward to more about her, we met her in the first book and she still has the same problems, and isn’t it interesting the Nate met Wolfe and they have become good friends? Oh the twisted plot that is tangling. I like Nate’s relationship with his brother Conner, it was the two of them together growing up and I like how Ms. Probst portrays them at the end.

The plot progressive moves along nicely, the romance starts out as a business arrangement and grows from there, there is family drama with Nate’s brother Conner and issues that Kennedy must deal with before they can have an HEA but it all works well. And although this is the second in this series and has some roots in her previous series, The Book of Spells makes a fun appearance here; this can very easily be read as a standalone. Another great book by Ms. Probst, who is on my list of auto buys.

I give Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst 4.25 stars!

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