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Type: Erotic Romance Novelette

Publisher: Self

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It was only supposed to be one night… 

When the sinfully handsome man walks into her bar in San Francisco, Julia Bell simply wants a break from the troubles that keep chasing her. That escape comes in the form of sexy, confident and commanding Clay Nichols, who captivates her mind AND turns her inside out with pleasure. The attraction is electric and they share one scorchingly hot night together, but they also discover there is more than just off-the-charts chemistry; the connection between them runs deep. Clay never thought he’d return to New York with this woman still on his mind. But he can’t get her out of his system, and he needs more of her…He wants more than just the first night…


Night After Night by Lauren BlakelyAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance (full novel)

Publisher: Self Pub

My Review

**Warning: Spare panties are needed…you’re welcome.***

“You are being rewarded for turning me on. But we’re doing it my way. You teased the f&*k out of me, and now I want to watch you squirm. Crawl up on my bed and get on your hands and knees.”

Their world was sex, love, and lies.
He intoxicated her. Commanded. Consumed. 
With a dirty mind and a mouth to match, Clay Nichols is everything Julia never knew she wanted and exactly what she cannot have. He walked into her life one night and unlocked pleasure in her that she never knew was possible. Possessing her body, captivating her every thought. Which makes him way too dangerous for Julia to risk her heart, given that she has a price tag on her head. She ran after one mind-blowing week with him, but now he’s back, and determined to make her his own. 
No matter the cost.

She was a sexy drug to him. Fiery, unforgettable, and never enough, Julia is an enigma, and Clay isn’t willing to let her go without a fight. But she’s got dark secrets of her own that threaten to destroy any chance of happiness. She’s a wanted woman – the stakes are high, her every move is watched, and yet the lure between them can’t be denied. Can two people burned by love trust again when desire and passion are met by danger at every turn?


After This Night by Lauren BlakelyAvailable: May 10, 2014 – Two days from now! 

Type: Erotic Romance (full novel)

Publisher: Self Pub

She holds the cards, but he doesn’t want to play her games…
Clay Nichols can’t get Julia Bell out of his mind. He’s so drawn to her, and to the nights they shared, that he can’t focus on work or business, only her. And she’s pissing him off with her hot and cold act. She has her reasons though – she’s trying to stay one step ahead of the trouble that’s been chasing her for months now, thanks to the criminal world her ex dragged her into. If only she can get out of the mess she’s in then maybe she can invite the man who ignites her back in her life, so she can have him – heart, mind and body.

He won’t take less than all of her, and the full truth too. When he runs into her again at her sister’s wedding, they have a second chance but she’ll have to let him all the way in. And they’ll learn just how much more there is to the intense sexual chemistry they share, and whether love can carry them well past the danger of her past and into a new future, after this night…


*****Author Interview With Lauren Blakely*****

Lauren Headshot(Nikki) Tell us a bit about yourself and what/why you write.

My family rocks my world. I love dogs, cake and movies. I have seven pairs of blue shoes, which both seems like too much and not enough. I love big gestures, and swoony songs and romance, and that’s why I write what I write.

(Nikki) You self publish your books, why did you choose this route to publication?

I’ve written YA novels with traditional publishers under my “real name,” and while that has been enjoyable, I write faster than most houses want and I also wanted to connect directly with readers. As to why I started last year with Caught Up in Us, I started like many indie authors do – by necessity. My publisher passed on the option for a YA novel, and I needed to support my family. I’d always lovedromance, so I decided to give it a shot. More than a year later, I am thrilled that I took the chance and that readers took a chance on me because I LOVE every single thing thing about writing and publishing romance.

(Nikki) How did the characters of Clay and Julia from your new Seductive Nights series come to you?

They were both supporting characters in other books! Julia is McKenna’s sister from Trophy Husband, so I knew already that she was an independent, free-spirited bartender who loved her sister and her family deeply. Clay is Davis’ best friend from Playing With Her Heart so I knew he was an entertainment lawyer and passionate about his work. With that as a starting point, I shaped the rest of their story (you don’t need to have read the other books to read this one). And, to be honest, I brainstormed a lot of it with my own hairdresser, and that’s why After This Night will be dedicated to her. (In fact, thank you for asking that question! Because it made me realize she’s the one for this dedication!)

(Nikki) If the series had a soundtrack what would you include on it?

Here’s my playlist, and the two songs that I think most typify the storyline are Roll the Dice by Koufax and We Can Make Love by Somo

(Nikki) Are you a poker player like your heroine? Are you like her in any way?

I love Julia’s card skills! I used to play with a group of my mommy friends and we had an amazing time. We didn’t know much about playing so we ha our cheat sheet for every game and would consult it on how to bet and whether certain hands beat others. But we had a blast, and like any player I won some and lost some. But that’s the extent of my skills. I’m probably most similar to Julia in her independence and her smart mouth 🙂

(Nikki) You ended Night After Night with a cliffhanger of sorts, what can we expect from book two, After This Night?

Clay and Julia’s story deepens in After This Night. They will both have to face their fears and confront the obstacles that hold them back. The emotions,as they should be in a growing relationship, aredeeper and more intense. So be prepared for more suspense, more danger, higher stakes, and incredibly hot and passionate sex. As well as more dirty talk and light bondage 🙂

(Nikki) Did you face any challenges while writing about Clay and Julia?

The biggest challenge was meeting the deadlines I set! I have other projects on my plate for publishers so I felt like I was racing against the clock! But in terms of the storyline, I had a pretty clear sense from the start of where I needed to go and how to get there, and I loved every second of writing about them. They are fun and passionate and oh-so-sexy, so I felt like a lucky girl getting to tell their story. There were a few times, as there always are, when I needed to work out the specifics of a plot twist here or there, and those came together via conversations with critique partners and my husband, who helps me fine-tune certain suspense and mystery elements in my stories.

(Nikki) What’s next for Lauren Blakely?

Looking past After This Night, I have two books in a series about sexy firemen that are slated to release this summer and then in August I am releasing another book in my NYT and USA Today Bestselling Caught Up in Love series – that book is Stars in Their Eyes and the heroine is the sister of the hero from Caught Up in Us.

(Nikki) Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?

I love you all!!! Thank you for loving romance and for making my dreams come true!



Since Lauren is simply AWESOME, she’s giving away an e-copy of Night After Night here on the blog! Simply comment to enter! Open until 5-15-14 @ 11:59pm EST with winner announced shortly after!



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