Evidence of Love by Elisabeth Rose

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Escape Publishing

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

She survived years as a gangland wife, sacrificing everything to the family. But now they’re threatening the one thing that she will never, ever give up — her child. When Maja’s abusive gang boss husband Tony is murdered, she takes the opportunity to flee, change her name, and leave her criminal family and her past behind. As Lara Moore, she and her toddler son Petey live quietly in suburban Sydney. Then, one act of kindness threatens to reveal her secrets and unravel the threads of her new life. But Detective Nick is dedicated and determined, the antithesis of everything she was brought up to believe about the police. Slowly, Maja finds herself drawn out of her shell and into his protective embrace.

Investigating Detective Nick Lawson doesn’t know what it is about the prickly, reclusive young mother that attracts and intrigues him, but as the facts about her crime-steeped family emerge, Nick doubts whether his career would survive this relationship, even if she were interested. Then, to Lara’s horror, her past meets her present, and thoughts of love and a future are lost as the fight for her child begins.

This is an intriguing suspense filled story with romance and danger as the heroine goes to any length to protect her child.

Lara Moore has completely changed her life, along with her name and address in the last few years. She wants to forget everything before she had her son Petey. It is unfortunate that sometimes the past seems to come back to haunt you. When Lara finds a woman that was attacked in the park, she helps save her but this brings her in view of several people she wants to forget. She comes from a crime family in Melbourne, a family that basically sold her to a maniac and was not there to help her in her time of need. When her husband was murdered she fled with her son to Sydney.

Nick Lawson is a detective investigating the attack on Brooke, he talks to Lara and is intrigued by her and her son, but when he finds out her true identity and history, he is unsure what to think. The two help Brooke, and try to solve the crime, but other issues get in the way and when the past comes back to threaten Lara she will do any to protect her son with Nick’s help.

Evidence of Love is a thoroughly enjoyable story with all the right elements of danger, suspense and romance. The premise of the story is interesting and it kept me turning the pages until the end. Lara is very protective and feels she has found a place for herself but it is hard to hide in this world since we all leave traces of ourselves everywhere. I like Lara, she wants to disappear from her old life but also enjoys people so she is sucked into Brooke’s attack and recovery and wants to help. I think it is interesting that she wants nothing to do with seeing Brooke at first but then feels sorry for her and is the one who invites her into her life by letting her stay at her house. Lara also has an interesting take on Nick; she likes him but does not want to get too close because he is a detective and she has trust issues with the police, she was burned by someone she thought she could trust and felt abandoned by him in the end, as she did by many in her family.

Nick is a very likeable, determined police detective who is pulled in many directions trying to solve the attack. He is also attracted to Lara and wants to pursue the relationship but backs off when he finds out who she is; he has some trust issues with Lara’s family and has every right to feel this way. I thought the relationship felt very real, they did not fall all over themselves in lust while trying to solve a crime; they took it slow, sometimes too slow as the middle dragged a bit but overall it works well. The secondary characters are all engaging and added so much to the story, I was leery of her relationship with her brother and kept waiting for something to happen, I guess I have trust issues also. I really like Brooke; she is young and vulnerable but picks herself up to move on past the attack. Lara’s son Petey is a doll, such a cute boy and I just want to hug him. Of course the bad guys are portrayed perfectly and the danger feels real.

The plot is slow in building, starting with the story of the attack followed by Lara and Nick getting more involved, but toward the end of the book the pace picks up as the danger increases and I could not put it down until I knew what happened. If you enjoy suspense, danger and romance this is definitely one you should pickup.

I give Evidence of Love by Elisabeth Rose 4 stars!

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