Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Egan (Imnada Brotherhood #3)

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Type: Historical Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket

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Reviewer: Pam

Major Gray de Coursy, Earl of Halvossa and exiled heir to the five clans of the Imnada shapechangers, must regain his throne in order to save his people from a deadly war with the Feybloods. First, however, he must break the curse he has lived under since the final chaos of Waterloo. Desperate, he resolves to steal the Imnada’s most sacred relic—the mysterious crystal of Jai Idrish—to help him. When he receives a visit from his childhood companion Meeryn Munro, Gray is surprised by her offer of help . . . and by how the girl of his memories has grown to become the woman of his dreams.

None of Meeryn’s powers as anointed keeper of Jai Idrish have prepared her for the threat of battle, but it’s the passion Gray arouses in her that she finds herself fighting. In a perilous quest spanning two realms, Gray and Meeryn must outwit and outrun a cunning enemy. And only the strength of the warrior, the magic of the priestess, and a love greater than death can reclaim a crown and win them a future together.

This is the third book in this interesting yet complex world of the Imnada, clan shapechangers that have tried to keep the less pure out of their race with dire consequences. The four warriors that were cursed during the Napoleonic war have been banished from their clans and labeled emnil, or an exile and they have been trying ever since to find a cure.

Of the four warriors originally cursed, Adam was murdered not long ago, which brought the others, Gray, Mac and David, together to find answers. Gray de Coursy believes he knows where to go, back to his clan to face his dying grandfather and find the Jai Idrish. Gray’s grandfather is currently Duke of Morieux, but his health is failing, Gray will become the next duke and leader of the five clans, but he feels he will not be able to lead unless he breaks the curse.

His childhood friend, Meeryn Munro has been chosen to become N’thuil, the Voice of Jai Idrish, she agrees to travel with him and help. The two must thwart the Ossine, the enforcers who have become increasingly brutal in their attacks against the non-pure and emnils. Meeryn and Gray grow closer as they fight for their lives, the good of the clans and try to find the cure, they only hope they are not too late as the curse is getting worse and the Ossine are getting more daring.

Warrior’s Curse is set in an intriguing world where shapechangers live among humans but keep to themselves, living in clans trying to keep their bloodline pure. As the world encroaches upon the Imnada, the Ossine or enforcers increasingly use violence to keep them out.

This is the third installment of a series that has a continuing story arc; we met the others, Mac and David in previous stories as they found their HEA’s yet they are still in search of the cure. I believe you can read this as a standalone however this world is intricate and the previous stories add much to the current one. The story arc concludes with this story and I do not know if there are more stories that might be set in this world, however I was happy with the way this ended.

I really like Gray, he is a tortured man along with David and Mac, all have been abandoned by their clans and thought of as dead, it is very sad the way Gray’s grandfather treats him, even as he is dying. Gray is honor bound and still feels he owes much to his clan even though he is an outcast. His relationship with Meeryn is interesting, they grew up together and she was meant to be with his brother, who should have been the next duke, but he died and she moved on. She treats Gray like a brother or the friend she has always known for the most part, but eventually they do get closer and their romantic love grows slowly, after all they do have a cure to find and the clans to save. It is always interesting to see how author’s deal with the romance in a very dangerous dysfunctional paranormal world.

The pace of the story is fast when they are in danger yet is slower when they are plotting or gathering information. I enjoyed seeing past characters involved in this story as they added depth and fun, the warriors do not always get along and the banter is engaging. Overall I enjoyed this book, it seems to bog down at times but I like the setting (historical) and the ending is all that would have hoped for in this series.

I give Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Egan 3.5 stars!

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