I Want To Hold Your Hand by Marie Force (Green Mountain #2)

I Want To Hold Your Hand by Marie ForceAvailable: June 3, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Almost seven years after losing her husband in Iraq, Hannah Abbott Guthrie isn’t sure she’s ready—or able—to move on, but the attentions of a lifelong friend are making her think about it for the first time. The memory of the sweet kiss she shared with Nolan Roberts hasn’t strayed far from her thoughts, but she also fears that pursuing something with him would mean betraying her husband’s memory.

Nolan has loved Hannah for years, but he’d been giving her the space she needed to heal from her devastating loss. Now, when an opportunity arises to show her how he feels, Nolan can’t resist, but he knows earning her love will take more than a kiss. Somehow he has to prove to Hannah that finding love twice in a lifetime is possible—and well worth risking her heart.

I love to read small town, large family series and this one is definitely at the top of my list. The Green Mountain series is full of family fun, family emotions and of course some sibling chaos. This is a family of ten kids that are all grown; and their father and grandfather have taken on the daunting task to aid these kids along with finding their true loves. I Want to Hold Your Hand is the second book in the series, this one is about Hannah, a war widow who finds love a second time.

Hannah Guthrie has been in limbo for seven years; she goes about her daily business but has not moved on since she found out about Caleb, the love of her life who died fighting in Iraq. Recently she decides that she is tired of living like this and is ready to make a few changes in her life. One man has been waiting for her to make this change and vows to be there for her.

This is a wonderful story that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. The Abbots are very close and seem to know all about each other, yet they are also holding on to some secrets that make for some humorous scenes as the siblings try to find out what they are. The pace of the story is slow to start as we go through Hannah’s reawaking, and although there are some setbacks, the story plays out wonderfully as you feel the emotion and heartache of finding love again.

Hannah is adorable, she has been holding on to her old life, just existing but she is done with that and is slowly coming out to do things with her friends, she realizes there is someone who has always been there through thick and thin and she is starting to look at him differently. I like her courage, both in what she went through when Caleb died but also what she is going through now, she is not sure how the town will feel, not sure how her in-laws or even her parents will feel about her dating Nolan, but she goes for it anyway. There is also some raw emotion and I had tears in my eyes with each new chapter, there is a snippet from Hannah’s diary from the time she met Caleb at age twelve to when she is ready to move on, just a taste of what she was going through during all those years.

Nolan has always been a great friend to both Caleb and Hannah, he was there the first day Caleb moved to town and he has been there for Hannah since they found out about his death. He did not realize his feelings for Hannah until several years later but he has been quietly waiting for her to decide to live again. I love how he was never pushy and once he asked her out, left it in her court to call him when she was ready. I also like how he is patient about her feelings and the little steps she needs to take at times. The chemistry is there, but quiet, and at times they need to get Caleb out of the room, yet they work together and he asks her to trust him, having her tell him what she is thinking, even if it might hurt. Sometimes this feels like a story about three people and what they are going through. Nolan and Hannah’s romance is slow in building, but the scenes are hot when they combust.

The Abbott family is a kick and I enjoy the chaos and camaraderie when they are all together. Although this is the second in a series it is easily a standalone as the author creates each individual romance. In this second book we also get snippets of several of the sibling’s on-going lives and can see some future stories in the making, which I can’t wait to read. The emotion feels real, I know the author connected with several women who had their own loses and she wrote this story with those feelings, and yes there are several tissue moments. This is a wonderful story of loss and renewal and I would recommend to anyone who likes contemporary romance.

I give I Want to Hold Your Hand by Marie Force 4 stars!

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