Loved Up by Scarlett Scott (Coastal Heat #1)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

When she accidentally runs into the back of a gorgeous stranger’s truck at a stoplight, the last thing on Kassie’s mind is indulging in her deepest, hottest fantasies with him. Until he shows up on her doorstep as the contractor she’d hoped to hire to remodel her home and things get interesting…fast.

With a sexy drawl, skilled hands and a body that makes her panties all but melt, Jax is exactly the kind of man she shouldn’t get involved with after breaking off her engagement and starting over in another state. But she’s helpless to resist the powerful desire he makes her feel, and before long she’s letting him have his wicked way with her all over town.

Jax knows falling for a woman like Kassie’s a bad idea. He’s experienced enough heartbreak to see the signs. He can tell she’s ready to run, but when she’s in his arms, he’ll do everything he can to make her stay.

Sometimes I start reading a book and immediately know I’m going to like it. That doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but in the case of this book, it did. Some authors just have a certain style of writing that ropes me in and makes me care. It doesn’t even necessarily have to do with the storyline or the characters – although I liked both in this one. There’s just a certain “it factor” that makes a book a hit rather than a miss with me, and this one was definitely a hit.

Kassie Ryan is trying to sort out her life. After practically deserting her fiance at the alter (not quite, but almost), she leaves the hustle and bustle of New York City for a life in a quiet seaside Maryland town. Atlantic is almost the complete opposite of New York and it doesn’t take long for Kassie to realize that the sense of belonging she feels in the small community is part of what was missing in her old life.

One thing that helps her settle into her new life (while unsettling her at the same time) is literally running into Jax Taylor. After she rear-ends him at a traffic light, Kassie later learns that he is the contractor she hired to renovate her home office. The chemistry between them was instantaneous and combustible. I loved that they couldn’t keep their eyes, or their hands, off of each other almost from the get-go.

Kassie knew she had no business getting involved with anyone. After running from her ex-fiance and trying to settle into her new life, the last thing she needs is to start hooking up with a man while on the rebound. The problem is that Jax doesn’t feel like a rebound. He feels like the real thing to her. He’s charming and sexy and nice….and he sets her on fire like no man ever has. Unfortunately she has a hard time trusting her feelings for him and spends more time second-guessing herself (and him) than she needs to.

Jax was the real deal. A successful business owner who makes his living with his hands, he is rugged and strong, sexy and capable and smart. He lusts after Kassie practically from the minute he meets her, yet his past track record with women has him moving forward cautiously. Having been burned in recent years by a woman who expected more from him, he is reluctant to open his heart to someone else despite his growing attraction for Kassie.

I loved Jax and Kassie together. I loved the dialogue, I loved the push and pull in their relationship and I loved the sparks that flew between them. There was a lot of internal dialogue and both of them spent a lot of time questioning their feelings (as well as each other’s feelings), but there was never a dull moment and I was never bored. This book was a treat!

I give Loved Up by Scarlett Scott 4.25 stars!

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