How To School Your Scoundrel by Juliana Gray (A Princess In Hiding #3)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Berkley

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Reviewer: Pam

Princess Luisa has devoted her life to duty, quietly preparing to succeed her father as ruler. Nothing, however, primed her to live on the run, disguised as a personal secretary to a notorious English scoundrel. The earl is just the man to help her reclaim her throne, but Luisa is drawn to her powerful employer in ways she never imagined…

Philip, Earl of Somerton, has spent six years married to a woman in love with another man—he refuses to become a fool due to imprudent emotions ever again. Only, as his carefully laid plans for vengeance falter, fate hands him hope for redemption in the form of a beautiful and determined young princess who draws him into a risky game of secrets, seduction, and betrayal. And while his cunning may be enough to save her life, nothing can save him from losing his heart…

How to School Your Scoundrel is the third in the series about three princesses in hiding. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and this newest did not disappoint. The heroine is strong and confident and the hero is truly a scoundrel in every sense of the word, this works well for my reading enjoyment.

Luisa escapes under the cover of night with her two sisters, they must hide as their homeland is in turmoil, their father and her husband were murdered, and with her as the new ruler, they are all in danger. Their uncle, the Duke of Olympia takes them under his wing and places them in employment at various places in Europe, they are all disguised as men and no one is the wiser. Her sisters Emilie and Stephanie each found their true loves in the first two books, will Luisa also find hers, it seem impossible when we meet her employer.

The Earl of Somerton, is an angry man, he shows it in everything he does. He is currently trying to find evidence that his wife Elizabeth has been having an affair for their entire marriage. Not only does he want proof to divorce her, he wants revenge on the man she is in love with, Lord Roland Penhallow.

Of course Luisa’s only thought is to find the killers of her husband and father and to be reinstated as ruler of her Principality, it is frustrating for her to have to wait for Olympia to make things happen. So in the meantime she waits while in the employment of Somerton and deals with his problems. It is only when she is betrayed that the danger ramps up and both of their troubles come to a head.

I am conflicted about this book, but not in a bad way, I absolutely enjoyed reading the story, having the overall story arc resolved and love all the twists and turns, but I have to say that Somerton has to be the most scandalous hero that I have ever liked. He is horrible to everyone, has a past that I usually do not like in a hero and I was not sure he could be redeemed enough for me to like him in the end. Of course he has a tortured past and when he plays the cello; you can feel the loneness in him. I will say the author did a great job of creating him and providing the feelings I had in the end.

I like all the sisters in the series but Luisa is my favorite, she is pragmatic, has the confidence to stand up to anyone, even thugs and for a princess is very down to earth. I love when she first meets Somerton, the things she says to him really cause him to pause, but you can tell he respects her right away. They have an interesting relationship, of course he believes she is a man for a good part of the book, until she is betrayed, however even after he knows who she is, he treats her indifferently, it is very strange, they do have passion together so their love scenes are amazing, but still I am conflicted.

The angst in the story is palpable, there is the wife that was never happy and cheats, who is such a good mother (I love that because sometimes the evil wife is also a terrible mother), a man who was treated poorly as a son and does not know how to treat his child and the continuing story of the displaced princesses. The secondary characters also add so much, we get to see the other princesses and their new husbands and Olympia is a kick, I like him better in each story and I see he will get his own book next, what an intriguing man he is.

The pace of the story is quick, the twists and turns kept me turning the pages until the end. Although this is the third in the series, the author does a great job of introducing the other stores so I believe this can be read as a standalone. Overall I highly recommend this book and this series, the disguised princess trope is fun and entertaining but the author also infuses some interesting drama and torment into each story.

I give How to School Your Scoundrel by Juliana Gray 4.25 stars!

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