Spotlight & Interview With The Authors: Tall, Dark and Cowboy Box Set

Tall, Dark and CowboyAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Grand Central

Everybody loves cowboys! Now in this special six-book box set, meet the best of the tall, dark, and handsome cowboys and get ready for the ride of your life . . .


SOMEBODY LIKE YOU by Lynnette Austin: Cash thought he had plenty of time to find the right woman-until he learns that he must marry soon or lose his family’s Texas farm. When Boston beauty Annelise enters his life, Cash wonders if she’s what he’s been looking for all along.

AIN’T MISBEHAVING by Molly Cannon: After her ex-husband leaves her for another woman, Marla Jean won’t settle for another lonely night. And her childhood crush, Jake, may just be the right man to help make this good girl go a little bad.

 THE SWEET SPOT by Laura Drake: Charla Rae thought she was over her ex-husband-they’d both been through too much together. But when the championship bull rider comes back into town and offers to help with her ranch, will he also convince her to give their love a second chance?

 LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Erin Kern: Fleeing her rich, overbearing family, Avery makes her way to Trouble, Wyoming. She soon tries things the old Avery wouldn’t dare, like having a sizzling affair with her sexy new boss, Noah-and discovering he’s just the kind of trouble she needs.

GOING COWBOY CRAZY by Katie Lane: When Faith is mistaken for her identical twin sister in Bramble, Texas, there’s bound to be trouble-especially with her sister’s ex-boyfriend Slate.

MONTANA LEGACY by R. C. Ryan: When Amy left Jesse, she broke his heart. Now she’s back in town and stirs his old desires, even as she promises to help him find his family’s gold. But under the prairie skies an unseen enemy is closing in to threaten their love-and their lives.



What’s one book you read in the last 6 months that has left a lasting impression and why?

R.C. RYAN– The Book Thief. I thought, because it was originally written as a young adult novel, I’d breeze through it and on to the next, but it was heart-wrenching, and I found myself fully immersed in that era.

ERIN KERN– Jill Shalvis has been a huge inspiration of mine for a long time. I love just about everything she does. But when I read At Last, I was more or less blown away. It’s one of the few books that I pre-ordered and then re-read as soon as I finished it. After reading it the second time, I actually re-wrote some of my current manuscript because I was so inspired by Ms. Shalvis’s writing and storytelling abilities.

KATIE LANE– Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It was the most wonderful, bittersweet romance I’ve ever read. It made me sob like a kindergartener on the first day of school, but it also reminded me how life-changing love can be.

LAURA DRAKE– Coyote Dream, by Jessica Davis Stein. The author uses wonderful characterization of two disparate cultures and ethnicities (NY Jewess and Navajo New Mexican) in a believable, wonderful way. The characters’ journey both inner and outer, are long, arduous, and believable. A wonderful romance!

MOLLY CANNON– BEST KIND OF BROKEN by Chelsea Fine. This book was funny, heartbreaking, and it was one of those books that stayed with me for days after I finished. Loved it!

LYNETTE AUSTIN– I couldn’t put down The Collector by Nora Roberts. Not only was the plot intricately and brilliantly woven, but it revolved around Faberge eggs, the Romanovs, and Russian history. I love it when, while reading a great book, I learn along the way.


Favorite guilty pleasure?

R.C. RYAN– Drinking hot chocolate in bed while watching ABC’s Scandal. I hate having to wait a whole week for the next episode.

ERIN KERN– The HBO series True Blood. Although, after this season I’ll have to find another guilty pleasure, because it’s going off the air.

KATIE LANE– Massages and dark chocolate.

LAURA DRAKE– Reading! I don’t have anywhere near the time I used to have for it, and when I can take a day off, sit on the pack porch in a lounge chair and read all day…. Ahhh.

MOLLY CANNON– Biscuits and gravy

LYNETTE AUSTIN– I’m a Starbuck’s junkie—and my license plate says so! Love those java chip frappuccinos. Of course, Cheetos come in a really, really close second—which explains the orange letters on my keypad!


What makes a cowboy, a cowboy?

R.C. RYAN– Hard, dirty work. A love of the land. A courtly, fiercely protective attitude toward family, women and children. Their work makes them rough and tough, but their heart and soul, their innate goodness makes them the perfect hero.

ERIN KERN– Have you seen a cowboy lately?? Scuffed up boots, worn jeans, callused hands, a little five o’clock shadow, slightly too long hair….shall I go on?

KATIE LANE– I think it has to do with the legend. Cowboys have always been heroes (Wait, is that a song?)—strong, alpha men who can wrangle a steer and know how to treat a lady. It’s this mixture of tough man and mannerly country boy that makes a true cowboy . . . and makes women go crazy. That, and a snug-fitting pair of jeans.

LAURA DRAKE– Old world manners, an unbreakable word, and a wild side.

MOLLY CANNON– Well worn boots

LYNETTE AUSTIN-Attitude. A cowboy is strong and confident, and he’s not afraid of an equally strong woman. He carries in his heart old-fashioned values. He stands for his country and its flag, says yes, ma’am and no, sir, and loves his mama and daddy—kind of a throwback to a slower, easier time but with a kickass edge


Have you had any funny and/or memorable fan interaction? (i.e. a Facebook comment, a run-in at RT, RWA,etc)

R.C. RYAN– At one of my book signings, a reader told me after reading Montana Legacy, she broke up with her current boyfriend and contacted her high-school love via Facebook, and they were now together again. She said after falling in love with my cowboy, she knew she had to hold out for her own lost love, because he’d remained on her mind all this time.

A Montana rancher’s wife emailed me, asking me how long I’d been ranching, since she just knew I had to grow up on a ranch to get so many details right. I had to admit to her that I live in a suburban neighborhood now, but did grow up in the country on acreage that my father farmed on weekends, to satisfy his need to farm as his father had in Canada. But that’s the closest I’ve come to farming or ranching.

ERIN KERN– One day I went to visit my husband at his office in Dallas. He works with a lot of women, and just about every woman on his floor had read my books and were so excited when they saw me. It was my first fan experience and definitely one I’ll always remember.

KATIE LANE– I have such great fans. They’re dedicated and write the sweetest emails, Facebook, and Twitter posts. One of my fans is doing the entire family tree for my characters. It makes me happy to know that my readers get so caught up in the series that they feel like part of the town, just like I do.

LAURA DRAKE– Last year’s RWA conference was my debut author year. I was in line at an event and the lady in front of me turned around, read my nametag, and squealed – scared me half to death – I thought I’d stepped on her heel or something. It turned out to be Cathy Genna, that year’s RWA Bookseller of the Year, and she LOVED The Sweet Spot! She took me up and down the line, introducing me to people and telling them to buy my book! And here I was, impressed to be standing next to HER!

MOLLY CANNON– I just attended RT and was riding in an elevator stuffed with tired and hungry writers and readers. One woman said she felt bad for people who still had workshops to attend. My aunt and one of my biggest fans misunderstood and said loudly-I could go for a pork chop about now, too. The whole elevator erupted. It was hilarious!

LYNETTE AUSTIN– The most memorable was that first time a reader came toward me in a bookstore, asking, “Are you Lynnette Austin? I just finished reading Somebody Like You, and I loved it!” I’ll cherish that moment forever!



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