Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

Ok first off let me say I am SO glad to be at the end of the 4th book and I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming until January when the next book comes out.

Dreamfever had me liking Mac just slightly more. Probably because she came back from her horrific “gang like” rape to be a stronger, meaner, more in charge Mac. No more pink..no more frills. Way less Barbie. We got a black and red wearing, evil hunting, Mac this time. I like this Mac slightly more. I like backbone.

I had heard from multiple people who said chapter four was gonna knock my socks off. It didn’t disappoint. I wish I could pull out a section and post it here…but alas I can’t because it is that hot and this isn’t a 18 and older site. I will say this though…”SAY MY NAME!” Oh doggy…which by the way they do that too *wink wink*….boy was that chapter good. I could read it over and over again. Barrons. Hot. Need. Him. Now.

There was a lot of testosterone in this book. A lot of Barrons vs V’lane. Battle of the sex gods, if you will. Both trying to use Mac for their own personal reasons. Both trying to get her to pick a side. Of course she always ends up with Barrons. We also get a look inside his head. He must have a heart somewhere because we definitely feel his grief over a baby from his past that died. The baby’s significance wasn’t truly revealed, but I am betting it will be in the next book. It also comes to light that he can kill Fae Princes and Princesses, without a weapon. How he does this, is evaded, of course.

I know I kinda gloss over the secondary characters. To be honest it’s because I just don’t care about them…at all. This created world is complex and there are so many characters by this point…and really it kinda confuses me with all the half-truths, all out lies and twists and turns. The girls at the Abbey want Mac to be with them, but they don’t really like her either. I think that mainly has to do with envy. Mac is basically “the chosen one”, Highlander there can be only one stuff. She aligns herself with a Prince and Barron (who might be a Druid, or a vamp, or a God…no clue). So while they want her, they don’t TRUST her. Dani is annoying with her hero worship and there a few times in this book as well as the last book where I got a weird vibe from her. Then there is the Queen, all the evil guys after Mac, the book, Christian, Rowena…*sigh*…there is a lot.

Mac gets to find out a bit more about her origins, or that of her family I should say. Though as Barrons points out…not sure what it means. I want to know where she is going, not where she came from. I felt all that was put in to make the book longer. Like enough already, just tell me who the hell she is and be done with it.

The book ends with a MASSIVE cliffhanger that left me going WHOOOOO? So will I pick up the next book in January…sure will. Maybe I will like Mac even more then. One can only hope.

I give Dreamfever 3.25 stars…hey it was the best one yet!


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