Dare To Surrender by Carly Phillips (Dare To Love #3)

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Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station. To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she’s been attracted to for far too long. Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible.

Although Gabe yearns to possess Isabelle, he knows all too well he must fight his primitive need to bind her to him, and instead help bring out the independent woman she yearns to become – or risk losing her for good.

A woman who needs to run her own life. A man who needs to exert control. Can she surrender to his erotic demands without losing her sense of self once more?


Another winning erotic romance from the incredibly talented Carly Phillips! In my review of book two, Dare To Desire I noted how hot these books were progressively getting and Phillips definitely delivered the goods this time around!

Isabelle just wants to stand on her own two feet after leaving her domineering ex-boyfriend behind. Needing to prove to herself and everyone else that she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. Yet from the moment she sees acquaintance Gabe while sitting in the police station on a trumped up charge, her body and her mind yearn to be possessed by him. Convincing herself she can take the help he offers, if only on a temporary basis, she agrees to go home with him.

From the first moment he saw her several years ago he knew he wanted her. When Gabe sees her sitting in a police station he sees his chance to finally tell her how he feels and to take her home and worship her body. When he realizes how much she needs to realize her own potential before she can be his he reluctantly lets her go…again. But reunions are coming on the island of Eden and he’s intent on proving to his independent woman that she can have it all and still be her own person.

What a fantastic, emotional roller coaster! I adored Iz and her fierce need to feel independent. To often heroines in romances rely on the hero to feel whole and Isabelle was the exact opposite. After living in a possessive relationship for years she needed to make it on her own, even if she craved Gabe like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her self esteem wasn’t all that great but her growth throughout the book had her learning that she was perfect the way she was and her confidence soon rebounded.

Gabriel Dare has got to be one of the hottest heroes of Phillips to date! His willingness to let Isabelle go in order for her to grow and understand her worthiness was incredibly heartwarming and reaffirmed my love for him as a character. Though he felt some guilt over past relationships, his determination to overcome them in order to be the best man for Isabelle was forefront in his mind. Giving her both an epic opportunity in her job and a chance to re-connect on a lush tropical island gave him the best of both worlds for his Iz. I did wish he had beat the crap out of her ex on several occasions, but true to his character he instead dealt the man the hard blows professionally, which I suppose is just as good, if not a bit disappointing that his face wasn’t pounded in.

Dare To Surrender is a must read for Phillips fans as well as erotic romance fans alike! This can be read as a stand alone if you must but I highly recommend reading the prior two as well because each one is incredible! The Dare family has been through a lot together and their willingness to remain close and envelop new additions just reaffirms their familial bonds. This is a fantastic series and a must read!


I give Dare To Surrender by Carly Phillips 5 stars!

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