Come by Becca Jameson (The Fight Club #1)

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Taliesin

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Katy Marks has worked hard for years to make partner at her law firm and be accepted in a man’s world. She hasn’t had much time for play. Now she has a stalker, one of the firm’s partners who hopes to entice her to gain promotion by sleeping with him. Backed into a corner, she grabs an unexpected opportunity. She wards off his unwanted advances by plastering herself against the sexy man leaning casually against the wall outside her uncle’s gym.

Rafe Wesson is stunned by one look at the sexy woman so totally out of place in the gym and finds himself flattened by his best friend and sparring partner. Scrambling to ensure he gets a chance to speak with her, he instead finds himself KO’d by a kiss that rocks his world and hardens him in all the right places.

Katy isn’t Rafe’s type. She’s far too innocent. Besides, she’s the gym owner’s niece. But two dates don’t dampen his desire or release her from his thoughts. Rafe has personal rules against sleeping with a woman before they are fully informed about his dominant ways. But Katy is testing his patience. She wants him, but he fears she won’t be as persistent when she finds out about his preferred lifestyle.
Rafe tries to step away from her, but he can’t ignore the unknown threat that stalks her, and time is running out. Someone wants Katy dead. And Rafe wants Katy…very much alive.

Lately I’ve been on a fighter kick. MMA, strictly boxing, whatever…fighters are doing it for me right now. Along came this request that was romantic suspense with a Dom hero AND he was fighter. Seriously, my pulse picked up just reading the blurb. I eagerly dove into the book but I quickly found out that I was going to have one major issue….which I’ll get to in a second…

First let’s talk smexy sexual tension, Katy and Rafe smoldered with it! I enjoyed their connection and thought Jameson really excelled at ramping the characters up before she gave them their *ahem* release. Maybe almost too good at it. There was constant push and pull between the two from the very moment they locked eyes on each other. As soon as Rafe found out that Katy had a stalker he became very vigilant in his protection of her. She’s a headstrong woman but a smart one and I loved how she really didn’t think twice about letting Rafe protect her, especially as the threats escalated. Though I did think she was a bit naive in the beginning. Who just ignores a stalker?

The action during the book kept me on my toes and moved the plot along nicely (most of the time) in between the sexual tension and eventual sex. My big gripe was the fact that Rafe is a Dom…he can’t even envision another option for himself…however he didn’t even tell Katy about it until somewhere around the halfway mark of the book. So the sexual tension was strung so tight because he refused to give her vanilla sex and yet he wouldn’t tell her the truth in fear of her running from him. Instead he gave her the lady version of blue balls constantly. I just wanted him to get on with it and tell her so they could keep moving forward. I understand some resistance but by 50% in I was about ready to give up on him ever telling her. Things got wordy from time to time as well, which pulled me from the story a few times as I fought the need to skim.

So he finally gets around to telling Katy and then it goes from no Dom to DOM DOM DOM all the time…he takes her to a club, says no talking unless spoken to…ect ect. For a guy who feared she’d run screaming from him at the first show of dominance he sure did thrust her into the lifestyle rather quickly.

I loved his “band of brothers” that I am assuming will all get a book eventually. They rounded out the cast of characters well and seemed to be men I could get behind..haha or under..whatever. These men stepped up when Rafe needed him and it was obvious they would fight along side him for Katy’s safety if he asked them to.

I’ll come back for book two specifically to see if Jameson can make me eat my reservations on her next go around. I’d love to see the introduction of D/s a bit earlier in the book as well as perhaps speeding up a few of the slower parts.


I give Come by Becca Jameson 3 stars!

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