Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman (Kisses In The Sand #1)


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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Entangled: Bliss

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

A temporary agreement neither could keep… Brainy, organized Sophie Birch is no beach bunny. In fact, she’s totally out of her element among the sun-bronzed crowd at a film festival in beautiful White Strand Cove. When a surf lesson introduces her to Zane Hollander, suddenly she’s up close and personal with the world’s sexiest surf star. But what can a great-looking, experienced athlete possibly see in a klutzy out-of-towner who’s never set foot in the ocean?

Zane Hollander’s playboy reputation has never been a problem…until recently. Now his management team wants him on his best behavior to entice a meaningful new sponsor. Sophie Birch is the perfect girl to help reform his image. She’s genuine and respected—and their relationship is purely fictional. But the more Sophie blooms under the beachy sun, the more Zane knows he’ll just break her heart. Because nothing’s more important to Zane than following the tide.

A great start to a new series featuring engaging characters, a sweet romance and of course sexy men who wear swimsuits.

Zane Hollander is a pro-surfer who is ready to use his celebrity image for something more. The press has labeled him as a bad-boy that has quite the reputation with women, he has to admit that at times he has not put a stop to the stories but he is ready to change that now. He wants to be the next spokesman for SHE, a large non-profit organization that promotes humanitarian issues such as clean water and natural healing.

Sophie Birch is the new special events coordinator for an annual film festival featuring Zane at White Strand Cove, a beautiful surfing community. She is from Montana and until recently was working in the scientific world, never having experienced several fun things that she is now trying, such as visiting the beach, drinking pretty alcoholic beverages and living in the moment with a sexy surf-pro. I like how her new friend Honor is happily helping her with her new experiences.

After Zane and Sophie have a disastrous surf lesson, she is talked into helping him with his reputation for the week and a week is all it takes to change the lives of these two special people.

This is a very enjoyable story, the romance is sweet and the sex is hot, what more can you ask for?

Sophie is adorable, a little naïve and sometimes spacey, as she seems to zone-out while she thinks, but she is breaking out of her shell and going after what she wants. She has already gone against her parents by changing careers, from scientist to events coordinator, causing her mother to have a fit and frequently mention it during their phone conversations. Sophie’s growth from a naïve wallflower to someone with spark is a wonderful transformation and very enjoyable to watch.

I also like Zane; he has been a professional surfer since he was a teenager but he is down to earth and does not seem stuck up or full of himself. He has a reputation for being a bad boy but he mostly acted out because of his father and now he is ready to help others. Another thing I like about him is that he takes time with his fans, especially the young kids that look up to him. Although he has some issues with how he sees himself because of his father, I like that he is trying to overcome them.

Zane and Sophie make a cute couple, they start out as friends with Sophie doing him a favor trying to help the way the public sees him and the relationship grows from there, not too fast but the chemistry is there from the start and when they finally get together, the scenes are hot and spicy.

The plot progresses nicely as we watch the relationship grow and the drama is light while they work to help Zane get the job he wants. The secondary characters add a lot to the story and I am excited to see what may happen with several of them in the future. Overall a very sweet engaging story and I am looking forward to more in this series.

I give Keeping Mr Right Now by Robin Bielman 4 stars!


  1. Hi Pam! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Keeping Mr. Right Now! I’m so happy you enjoyed Zane and Sophie’s story! 🙂

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