Way Of The Shadows by Cynthia Eden (Shadow Agents #8)

Way of The Shadows by Cynthia EdenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Harlequin

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Fifteen years ago, Noelle Evers was kidnapped. Two days later, her abductor was dead, leaving her with no memory of what happened. Now an FBI profiler, she uses her past trauma to get inside the minds of killers. But she can’t read her new partner. EOD agent Thomas Anthony is controlled. Dangerous. And hauntingly familiar.

Thomas has been covertly watching Noelle’s back. He wanted to tell her the truth, but couldn’t blow his cover. Their latest mission just revealed a link to her past. With desire ramping up between them and a predator hunting Noelle, it’s time for Thomas to step out of the shadows. Or lose his second chance to save the woman he loves.

Just Nikki here telling you that we’ve got yet another winner from Cynthia Eden…I know, I know, you must get tired of me saying how much I love every single book she writes. I’m sorry, I really am….but…wait, nope, not sorry….THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME! I have loved the Shadow Agents series since book one and even at book eight I’m still enjoying them.

Thomas, nick named the dragon, has never allowed himself the luxury of thinking past his assignments. He’s deadly, eerily quiet and full of emotions that never surface. Years ago he saved a young girl who touched him in ways he was unaccustomed to and he’s kept an eye on her from the shadows ever since. Now that young girl is a woman and Thomas has to work with her even though she has no idea who he truly is.

Being a kidnap victim gives Noelle a certain insight to how killers minds work. When a serial killer reemerges with a familiar MO, Noelle is partnered with Thomas to track him down. Being alone with Thomas makes Noelle nervous simply because of the way he watches her as if he knows exactly what she’s thinking. His familiar presence sets her instincts on alert and his body warms her in all the right places.

With a killer moving in set on finishing the job with Noelle, Thomas is going to have to bare all his secrets if he has any chance of keeping her where she belongs. With him.

LOVED! Way of the Shadows gives readers taunt sexual tension mixed expertly with pulse pounding action! I loved how effective the sexual tension felt throughout this one making me sigh in contentment by the end.  Being a Harlequin meant less sex, yet Eden made me feel content without it. I felt the connection between Noelle and Thomas regardless. I especially loved the fact that Thomas had been watching Noelle from afar for years just making sure she continued to be safe after her abduction as a teen. Sure, that sounds a bit stalkery but, no worries, it works. Trust me. Noelle’s ability to get into the minds of the killers worked perfectly with her courage to step into the action (much to Thomas’ dismay). This is a woman who isn’t afraid to be both smart and able.

Continuing the series story ARC there is plenty of bad guy goodness that ties all the books together. Plus, we get to revisit past characters which I always adore AND learn more about the head of the EOD. I really wish he’d get his own story…sigh. He’s so good at playing matchmaker yet he’s got this sadness to him that I wish he could heal from.

Strikingly all consuming, Eden’s an author who will in-trance your mind and spark your imagination!

I give Way of the Shadows by Cynthia Eden 4.50 stars! 

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