Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh (Rock Kiss #1)

Rock Addiction by Nalini SinghAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Net Galley

Reviewer: Pam

A bad boy wrapped in a sexy, muscled, grown-up package might be worth a little risk… Molly Webster has always followed the rules. After an ugly scandal tore apart her childhood and made her the focus of the media’s harsh spotlight, she vowed to live an ordinary life. No fame. No impropriety. No pain. Then she meets Zachary Fox, a tattooed bad boy rocker with a voice like whiskey and sin, and a touch that could become an addiction.

A one-night stand with the hottest rock star on the planet, that’s all it was meant to be… Fox promises scorching heat and dangerous pleasure, coaxing Molly to extend their one-night stand into a one-month fling. After that, he’ll be gone forever, his life never again intersecting with her own. Sex and sin and sensual indulgence, all with an expiration date. No ties, no regrets. Too late, Molly realizes it isn’t only her body that’s become addicted to Fox, but her heart…

I adored this book, Ms. Singh writes amazing heroes and heroines in each and every book, and I think I have read them all.

Molly works as a librarian in New Zealand, she has been trying to live what she considers a normal life, out of the limelight ever since her father brought scandal to her family, destroying everything around her. She met Thea, an unknown half sister several years ago, they had the same father but Thea had never met him and they have become good friends, however the relationship is still new.

Zachary Fox is with the band Schoolboy Choir; they are enormously famous around the world, he enjoys life and what fame has given to him. While at a party Thea is hosting (she is his publicist) he notices Molly from across the room, when she smiles he knows he is a goner. He catches her while she is leaving and they are rarely separated from that moment on, her believing this is a temporary fling, he believing in forever.

Every time I read a book by Ms. Singh I am always immediately engrossed in the story and with the characters, Rock Addiction is no exception. I was quickly taken by Fox’s attitude about life, his control over his circumstances and his determination to succeed, all with some vulnerability when dealing with Molly.

When they first meet is it lust at first sight, at least for Molly. As far as Fox is concerned he has found the one…and will do anything to make sure she stays in his life. It may sound a bit overbearing but the author is skillful in how she handles his possessiveness. The two have some amazing scenes together, the chemistry is off the charts and they sizzle, as this has a very erotic feel.

I loved Fox from the beginning, he wants control over his life because there were times while he was growing up that control was taken from him but he is gregarious and fun to be around, and is not too full of himself. He accepts who he is and does not think too much about anything being different, at least until he meets Molly who wants nothing to do with being noticed.

Molly grew up in what seemed to be a perfect household, until her father was caught with an underage girl, Molly’s age. The fallout was horrible as it tore her family apart and left her alone until she finds her sister several years later. She hides from the world by being a librarian and keeping to herself and it is only her feelings for Fox that bring her out to face her past. I love how she deals with things; she is smart and handles change nicely.

This is the first in a series so secondary characters play important roles as many will be featured in upcoming books. I love Thea, her sister who is straightforward in how she deals with things but is confused by her own love life. Each of the band members are quirky in their own way, they have their own demons to deal with and we get glimpses of each of them in this book. I also like Kathleen, a friend of Fox’s who is a celebrity in her own right, Molly and her become fast friends after a rough start.

The pace of the book works well, they fall fast for each other, and there is some drama with both Molly’s reluctance and jealously and also with a band member but for the most part we watch an amazing love story build between two people who are very different. There is some trepidation on

Molly’s part since she keeps waiting for the end of their relationship, but Fox is all in from the beginning, I like that. I highly recommend this book by an author who I believe could write a story in any genre.

I give Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh 4.75 stars!

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