Wait? Is that a light I see?

These last few weeks have been hard for me. No secret there for sure. I have tried my best to keep a happy face on and continue the steady shift forward. Over the last few weeks I have really found out how much awesomeness that my friends possess. They have helped get me through a rough time by taking my mind off things, babysitting when I called them and by helping me out with clothes and food. What more can a girl ask for then that? I am truly blessed by those in my life.

So, enough gushing, now onto the good news. The hubby found a job! Again, thanks to my friend that got his foot in the door. However, it’s not a done deal yet. They hire through a temp agency and then do an official hire after 30 days if they feel he fits in. Lets hope he channels the chameleon and blends right in. Overall, the company seems pretty good to work for. Great insurance at an unheard of price, benefits and all the overtime you can handle.  The only downside is rotating shifts monthly. We will deal. He will whine. He will get over it. I am much harder to deal with then a midnight shift, let me assure you. He started this week. Yeah, if you remember back to my other posts you can see why I’m happy…but exasperated. This is the time of year when I have a ton of school stuff going on…orientation, testing, different first days…YIKES. I am handling everything pretty well thanks to my friends who are graciously babysitting for me around all this and my work schedule. I am so lucky to work where I can basically make my own hours as well. That really comes in handy when one month your husband can take the kids to school but the next he might only be able to pick them up.

What I am getting at is this. Things are about to get hairy. And I am not talking about the hubby’s back, that’s already hairy. I mean I am going to be shuttling kids to school, working, picking them up and trying to fanangle housework around whatever he has going on. So all those people who were happy I wasn’t cutting them off in traffic because I was rushing to two different schools…well they are about to get cut off while I’m rushing to work. Sucks for them. Stay out of my way, its safer.

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