Chained By Night by Larissa Ione (Moonbound Clan Vampires #2)

Chained By Night by Larissa IoneAvailable: Sept 30, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Leader of the vampire clan MoonBound, Hunter will do what he must to save his people from extinction—or worse, a torturous eternity as vampire slaves and subjects of human experimentation.To keep his enemies at bay, he has agreed to mate a rival clan leader’s daughter in return for peace between the clans and an ally in the looming war with the humans.

But survival comes at a price. First, Hunter must break an ancient curse by successfully negotiating three deadly tests. Then he must resist the searing passions of the gorgeous vampire warrior he despises but is bound to mate. Will Hunter stay true to his word? Or will he risk everything for the woman he really loves: the vampire seductress’s identical twin sister?

Hunter has resigned himself to a loveless mating if that’s what it takes to secure the future of his clan. As the chief of the Moonbound vampires, he’s struck a deal with a rival clan to mate their prodigal daughter, Rasha, even if just the sight of her turns his stomach. The chief doesn’t get happiness, he gets responsibility. When he first sees his intended he’s surprised at the instant attraction he feels. Only problem is, his first look isn’t upon Rasha, but her twin sister, Aylin.

Being the cursed second born, and handicap as well, Aylin has always been treated with bitterness and like trash. Seeing Hunter fills her with jealousy because she’ll never be mated to someone like him. Instead her father plans to mate her off to a brutal clan leader whose preference for virgin children makes her stomach sour.

Aylin agrees to accompany Hunter on a mission to save his future children when her own sister refuses. The tests they will face are deadly but not being successful isn’t an option.  As they navigate the dangers Aylin awakens feelings Hunter thought long gone. She’s everything her sister is not and soon Hunter will have to decide if you’ll follow his heart or his responsibilities.

This book was so amazeballs! Everything about it was simply awesome that I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with Hunter. Dear GOD, Native American AND vampire? Shiny long black hair, flawless mocha complexion, eyes that see straight to the soul…and overall…a man who holds everyone as equal. Hunter couldn’t get more perfect. As one of the oldest born vampires he wields a lot of respect from other clans as well as his own people. The weight of his responsibility makes his happiness nearly impossible. Yet when he’s with Aylin, he’s happy and free.

Aylin is always been relegated to the fringes of her society because of her handicap.  Having a twisted leg makes her useless in battles according to her clan, yet Hunter agrees to take her along on his quest in place of her selfish twin. Hunter sees her as no one else ever has….as a woman. A woman who is quickly making him question his loyalty to his clan and his word to mate her sister.

As they pass each test in the demon realm in an attempt to save his future first born, Hunter quickly realizes that Aylin’s limitations never hold her back. She’s incredibly brave, quick thinking and has a heart a mile wide. Stolen glances and fleeting touches are all they can ever have if Hunter hopes to achieve peace among the clans. Their connection is more then physical. They seem to connect on a much deeper, spiritual level. Ione incorporates vampire and Native American lore with seeming ease.

In book one I felt bogged down by the onslaught of information needed to set the scene. Claimed By Night however gave me everything I wanted and more! Plenty of furthering story arc, a few surprises, tons of action/suspense and perfectly scripted sexual tension. Ione never misses a beat, this book is FABULOUS! I can’t wait to see where she takes readers next!

I give Chained By Night by Larissa Ione 4.75 stars!

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