Cowboys and…Steampunk? Guest Post with Sarah M. Anderson & GIVEAWAY

Cowboys and . . . Steampunk?

Sal Steampunk

So, I have had six new releases this year, plus two print releases. In what may be the understatement of the century, I have been a tad busy. *

*Translation: nearly clinically insane 90% of the time

But, as Stephen King reminded us, all work and no play make Jack in particular and authors in general completely frickin’ nuts. So I have been taking time out from my worlds of Cowboys and Indians for something COMPLETELY different!

That’s right! Cowboys and Steampunk!

But Sarah, I can hear you asking, what is Steampunk?

Sal Jay SteampunkWell, basically, it’s a fun way for people to make their own costumes, dress up, and shoot each other with Nerf guns, loosely inspired by invention of steam power from the Victorian and Edwardian Ages but with plenty of modernist twists, like steam-powered exoskeletons, etc.

Plus—did I mention you get to dress up?

So Hannibal, MO, recently hosted a Big River Steampunk Festival. (If you watch the short video, there are glimpses of me with a white parasol in the crowd.) And since they’re just down the river from us, we decided that we were going. And we needed costumes!

Now, a lot of Steampunk is fancy Victorian dresses, but that’s not what I had to work with. I’m a cowgirl at heart, so I based my entire outfit around the fact that I already own several cowboy hats. Steampunk dresses often have a lot of bustles, so I made my own faux leather fringed bustle and tied various doodads into the fringe, including a small copper cup in case I got thirsty! I attached my grandfather’s Boy Scout compass from the 1920s to a chain and wore it as a necklace.

The whole family got in on the action. My husband followed my lead and went with a gentleman cowboy look, complete with a holster he made out of wiring. Even The Kid got in on the action, although his outfit was more…steampunk ninja assassin Jedi? I couldn’t tell. But he had fun and that’s what counts! My friend Mary went as a butterfly collector—so cool! There were so many cool outfits there—including a Steampunk Darth Vadar (who almost got heat stroke, poor guy)!

Me & Jeannie Steampunk!Author Jeannie Lin drove up from St. Louis for the event too—aren’t we cool? Jeannie’s got a brand-new series starting soon called Opium War that puts a Chinese twist on Steampunk. The first book is Gunpowder Alchemy and I can’t wait to read it!

The only problem with these fabulous outfits were that I had on a shirt, a corset, spanx, a full petticoat, boots, a bustle and a matching sash. Husband had on a t-shirt, dress shirt, vest, and jacket, not to mention the wool hat and boots. And it was well over 90 degrees out there. Thank heavens I had a parasol!!

We had a blast and—bonus!—my husband and I already know what we’re wearing for Halloween. (The Kid keeps changing his mind.)

So would you Steampunk? The Big River Festival is Sept. 5-7 next year—maybe I’ll see you there!!

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Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how their backgrounds and cultures take them someplace they never thought they’d go. Sarah won the 2012 RT Book Reviewer’s Choice for Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege.

When not helping out at school or walking her rescue dogs, Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and American Indians, all of which is surprisingly well-tolerated by her wonderful husband and son. You can learn more about Sarah at


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    1. There were some REALLY cool outfits–we had a Steampunk Darth Vader and a Flygirl who’d made wings out of an old ceiling fan!

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