Broken by Laura Wright (The Cavanaugh Brothers #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

For years, James Cavanaugh has traveled the world as a horse whisperer, but even the millions he’s earned hasn’t healed the pain he hides behind his stoic exterior. Forced to tackle old demons at the ranch, James throws himself into work to avoid his true feelings. Until he meets a woman who shakes the foundations of his well-built walls…

Sheridan O’Neil’s quiet confidence has served her well, except when it comes to romance. Tired of rejection, she’s ready to swear off men. But after being rescued from a horse stampede by the most beautiful cowboy she’s ever met, her resolve wavers. Only, as Sheridan uncovers James’s belief that no woman is safe with him, she wonders if such a wounded man could ever give in to love, or if some hearts are too broken to be healed…

What a great series this is, the turbulent family saga that has the Cavanaugh siblings searching for their futures while coming to grips with their past. There is enough drama, cowboys and romance to satisfy all my needs and I am excited for more.

Sheridan works for Deacon Cavanaugh; she is his assistant and keeps everything running smoothly with his business. She is currently staying in the area to help manage the ranch he is building near the Triple C Ranch, the place he has loved and hated. Sheridan shows professionalism in everything she does and rarely do you see her flustered or bothered by something, which is why she stays away from Deacon’s brother James. But with Deacon and Mackenzie getting married soon it causes both Sheridan and James to spend time together as they help with the wedding.

The three brothers have come home to deal with the family ranch their father left them. Each has their own story of hell to tell about what happened all those years ago when their sister Cass was murdered. They came back to bury their father and they found hidden secrets causing rifts between Blue, an unknown brother and a past that needs to be solved so they can all move on. When Sheridan starts asking questions she finds herself in danger and James coming to the rescue.

This is the second in the series and another winner. I enjoyed continuing the story arc about Cass and the secrets that are revealed when their father’s will is read. This book also features Deacon and Mac’s wedding which is keeping both James and Cole in town, the celebration also brings Blue back for an unknown amount of time.

Sheridan was a very prim and proper, not letting herself get involved with the family, she did not want to call anyone by their name, always preferring to address people formally. This works for awhile but with Mac you are always considered a friend or family and soon she is not only feeling like part of the group but also becomes part of the wedding party. Sheridan grew on me when she softens up, and she obviously grew on James as well. There was immediate attraction between the two but they both walk away at first knowing it could never go anywhere, James was bound for something else believing he could not stay at the ranch for long, too many heartaches.

James is a wonderful hero, a truly nice person; he left home at the same time as the others, with broken hearts and souls as they found their way in life. He bounced around for awhile and during college realized he has a gift with horses, he can manage any horse and has become very famous, some even want to develop a reality show around him, although he balks at the suggestion. He stays away from Sheridan because he believes he is responsible for several tragedies and he does not want anything to happen to her, but when she decides he is worth it she is upfront with her feelings and helps him to heal. The chemistry between them, when they finally give in, is amazing and works well and I like them together.

I love the secondary characters in the book; the brothers are all intriguing in their own right and make perfect heroes. Dr Grace Hunter plays a pivotal role as she guards her father who may know more about the murder years ago, I like her protectiveness and her inevitable clashes with Cole. Blue and his mother make small appearances and I am in hopes their stories will be told soon. This is easily read as a standalone as the author brings you up to date in a timely manner.

The pace of the story is perfect, the family is still reeling from the death of the patriarch and subsequent fallout after the will is read, there are rumors that someone knows about Cass’ death which brings all the hurt and guilt back. Sheridan finds herself in danger when she digs deeper into some accounting numbers that do not add up as the family gets ready for the wedding. I am excited to see what happens with Cole in the next story with the continuing mystery surround the murder still to unfold.

I give Broken by Laura Wright 4.25 stars!

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