A Love for all Time by Chloe Douglas (Time Wanderer #1)

A Love For All Time by Chloe DouglasAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Time Travel Romance

Publisher: Forever Yours

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

From modern-day New York to Victorian London, one thrilling mystery brings together two passionate souls-for all time . . . Homicide detective Mick Giovanni has seen lot a strange things in the NYPD-but nothing like Miss Lettitia Merryweather. Waltzing into his precinct dressed like some actress on Masterpiece Theater, the stunning British beauty implores Mick to find her missing sister. The strange part is, she disappeared in London-in 1888. Of course, Mick doesn’t believe Lettitia. Until he steps through a time portal onto a gaslit street-and sees a newspaper headline that reads: “Jack the Ripper Still At Large” .

For Mick, it’s the dream of a lifetime-a chance to hunt down the most notorious killer in history. But for Lettitia, it’s all too personal, and Mick is her only hope. The tough, handsome cop has only seven days to solve the world’s greatest mystery before he loses his chance to go home. But the closer Mick gets to the truth, the deeper his feelings for Lettitia grow. Even if he solves the case, can these two soul mates say goodbye to a love that was meant for all time?

I love a good time travel book, it is always interesting to see people interact in different settings and out of they own comfort zone. This is the start to a series that does just that, it takes a broken homicide detective and places him in another place where his usual tactics take some getting used to for a young lady in the 19th Century.

Mick Giovanni is with the Brooklyn police department, he recently lost his best friend and partner during a crime that he feels partly responsible for, so he buries himself in alcohol and work. He is angry when his boss calls his behavior erratic and makes him take a two week leave of absence, but before he can even walk out, he finds an unusual woman looking for him, wanting his help.

Miss Lettitia Merryweather comes to the police station looking for Mick; she is dressed like someone from a costume party but she does not care, all she wants is Mick’s help, and tricks him into walking into a portal sending them back to the 1880’s. Lettitia is worried about her sister Emmaline who is missing, unfortunately this is the same time that Jack the Ripper is ravaging the London area and as they investigate they become increasingly in danger, Mick identifies several suspects and much to Lettitia’s dismay they are well known to her, her father and her fiancé.

What an intriguing story, throw in traveling back to the time of Jack the Ripper and you have an interesting read that is full of mystery and danger.

I love that Mick is a homicide detective, a harden soul that did not want to be there, and his only interest is to be sent back to current times, but when he finds out he is stuck for seven days he decides he might as well try to solve one of history’s greatest mystery’s. He is gruff and feels guilty over the death of his partner, but he is willing to help and starts to feel something for Lettitia, sharing some intimate moments right before she tells him she is engaged, wow I did not see that coming.

Lettitia ran hot and cold for me, I like that she is bold enough to go through a time portal, walk into a police station in the 21st century and ask for help but then there are times she is so frustrating, back in her own time period she is willing to sacrifice herself for her family by marrying a man that terrified her sister, and I thought she is also a bit judgmental for being the forward thinker she claims to be, that is until Mick points it out to her, she actually agrees and seems to turn a corner both in her attitude and with me.

The romance also ran hot and cold, they are both attracted to each other and even act on it when the moment is right, but then he finds out she is engaged, what? She did not tell him something that would have been very important in the 19th century, granted she did not love Lord Wortham and actually did not even like him but it took me by surprise. I do like the banter back and forth between them, they both want to investigate the murders, and she does not listen to him when he tries to protect her causing some interesting arguments. Eventually Mick and Lettitia’s relationship grows and when they have to part ways it is heartbreaking, even knowing it is an HEA it is still hard to watch him leave, but I like the Ground Hog Day reference when he returns to current times, very funny.

The pace is done well, we start out fast and furious and it does not let up until the end, they are racing to find a murder and prevent more killings, maybe even find out who Jack the Ripper is. Secondary characters are important and play pivotal roles, Madame Mazursky is an interesting woman who helps them as much as possible and seems to know all about time travel, the villains are truly evil and the story ends with a twist, I was surprised by who the killer was. I enjoyed this book, the characters are right for their time periods and it is fun to see how they act in other centuries, the mystery is interesting and the romance pleasant. The next in the series brings together a Civil War veteran and a reporter, hmmm – should be interesting.

I give A Love for All Times by Chloe Douglas 3.75 stars!

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