Legacy Of Love by Harriet Schultz (Legacy #3)

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Self Pub

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Reviewer: Pam

Sebastián Castillo is handsome, rich and ambitious. Love is something he wants, but can’t seem to find. Danielle Doherty is beautiful, creative and successful. It’s easier for her to walk away from love than to risk her heart.

He falls for the wrong women. Life has taught her not to trust men. Dani and Sebastián never forgot the one night of passion they’d shared, but the successful fashion designer lived in New York and the vineyard owner in Argentina. With five thousand miles between them, a relationship was impossible. When their paths cross six years later, the intense attraction hasn’t diminished, but Sebastián has an enemy powerful enough to destroy him. Will sinister forces and emotional issues create obstacles that are impossible for them to overcome?

Legacy of Love is the third book in the Legacy series and it brings the trilogy together, not only does it continue Alex and Diego’s story but we also get to watch Sebastian find his true love.

Sebastian Castillo has always been a player with the ladies but he never stays too long with one woman, always leaving before they get the wrong impression. Unfortunately his recent breakup with Mandy did not turn out like he planned and she was pissed. She leaves him with threats, claiming her brother will get even, a warning he does not take seriously at first.

Dani Doherty is a fashion designer and a good friend of Alex and Diego’s. Several years ago Dani and Sebastian shared an incredible night together, but Alex was in danger and needed his help so he left without a word and although Dani knows they live in different worlds and are not right for each other, she is still pissed all these years later.

While in Buenos Aires for Alex and Diego’s son’s fifth birthday, Dani and Sebastian find they both still feel that initial attraction for each other. The two share some intimate nights but Sebastian is distracted, he is worried about his business and is depending on Diego and their friend Serge for help. Interestingly Dani’s past may have some solutions.

An enjoyable continuation of the series, we get caught up on Alex and Diego and get to see Sebastian and Dani work out their relationship while trouble surrounds them.

I was so excited to see Sebastian’s book, he frequently intrigued me in the first two stories and I wanted more. His back story is interesting and I love how his relationship with Diego spans so many years with good times, they are like brothers. Sebastian is a man who enjoys women but has never found the one, however there is someone who has stayed on in his mind throughout the years and that is Dani, they shared an amazing night together and he never forgot the passion.

Dani is an interesting woman; she is very independent and knows that a relationship with Sebastian is unlikely but enjoys the benefits, however she throws off mixed signals throughout the book, she wants him then she doesn’t, and at times it is very confusing. We find out that she is also dealing with the stress of her business and several issues from her past, such as a father who most believe is dead, which is fine with her. I thought the author dealt with the relationship between father and daughter decently and it seems believable with a hopeful ending. The relationship between Dani and Sebastian works well and I like the sparks when they spend time together, they have great chemistry and you can feel the heat when they share a scene.

The plot progression starts slow and amps up at times but the suspense is mild, there are threats that promise harm but there is no real dangerous conflict because most of the issues are resolved from a distance. There are some problems from a natural occurrence which causes Dani to rethink her feelings but for the most part everything is settled quietly. Although this is the third book in the series, it feels like more of a standalone than the first two and the author does a great job of introducing us to Alex and Diego so you do not feel lost. This is a nice romance with some suspense that is well worth the read.

I give Legacy of Love by Harriet Schultz 3.75 stars!

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