Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Harlequin HQN

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Reviewer: Pam

Nothing short of a miracle can restore Eliza Hayward’s Christmas cheer. The job she pinned her dreams on has gone up in smoke—literally—and now she’s stuck in an unfamiliar, if breathtaking, small town. Precariously close to being destitute, Eliza needs a helping hand…for her sick young daughter’s sake as well as her own. But she’s not expecting her holiday hero to almost run her down with his car!

Rescuing Eliza is pure instinct for tech genius Aidan Caine. At first, putting the renovation of his lakeside guest lodge in Eliza’s hands assuages his guilt—until he sees how quickly he could fall for her. Having focused solely on his business for years, he never knew that what his life was missing was Eliza and her little girl. But is he willing to risk hoping for a yuletide romance that could lead to forever?

This is a sweet holiday romance that will definitely put you in the spirit of the season. Heartwarming characters fill out the pages of this story and will make you smile.

Eliza Hayward is looking for a new start; she quit her job, packed up her apartment, bought a new SUV and stuffed as much as she could to move to Haven Point, a small mountain town in Idaho. She was hired to be a hotel manager for a small Inn, but when she arrives in town all her hopes and dreams are dying, the Inn is on fire. She is devastated and gathers up her daughter Maddie to regroup just as she is hit by a vehicle walking across the street, talk about bad luck.

Aidan Caine is in Haven Point to check on his house, Snow Angel Cove; he is flying his family in for the holiday and has been renovation since he recently purchased it. He owns Caine Tech, a high tech company in California; he is a bit of a tech geek and has always put work first in his life, recently he had a health scare and decided to change some things in his life, namely how he relates with his family. When he accidentally hits Eliza with his vehicle, he is more than willing to help her and Maddie and in exchange they will be helping him.

This is a very sweet, fun holiday romance. It is the start of a new series that features characters from the Hope’s Crossing series that is set in Colorado and although I have not read that series I had no problem reading and enjoying this book.

Eliza is an amazing woman, she has suffered in the last few years, her deceased husband was a dreamer with the next greatest thing just out of reach, he died mysteriously leaving her with a child who has some awful health issues of her own. They are now both doing well and want to find someplace new, but she is wary of a new relationship. Maddie is just too cute for words, she added so much to the story, and each time Eliza would talk about how everyone just loved her, I would have to agree, the author does an amazing job of creating a delightful little girl.

Aidan is a puzzle, I like him and thought he made a good hero, I love those sexy geeks, but there was something about him that had me thinking…hmmm. He was always torn between what he wanted to do and what he actually did. He asked for his family to come for Christmas but then spent several days locked away working. He thought it was strange the way people in town looked at him and when he found out why, he was not in a hurry to make a difference. He did not want his family to know about his illness but then told them at their celebration dinner, he is just a puzzle.

The chemistry between Aidan and Eliza is slow to combust. They both have issues stopping them from a relationship, and when they finally make the move to be together it is toward the end of the book, which actually created a more real feeling, not forced or rushed.

I like the secondary characters, Sue and Jim are the caretakers of Snow Angel Cove, they are both endearing, like family. I also like several people in the town and look forward to seeing both McKenzie and Devin’s stories in upcoming books, they embraced Eliza easily making her feel at right at home. Even the secretive Ben will have a story, the man who everyone seems to hate. This is a sweet holiday romance that features second chances and warm feels.

I give Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne 4 stars!

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