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Hello everyone! *waving* This is my first time joining in on Crazy-For-Books Blog Hop Friday meme. I have been watching for a few weeks and this week I thought it was time for me to join the fun!

The Blog Hop Friday meme was created to encourage interaction among fellow bloggers. Each week a new question in put up to answer.

This week the questions comes from Marce over at Tea Time With Marce! She asks:



“What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?”


Well, for anyone that follows my blog regularly, you already know the answer to this, LOL. I didn’t fall in love with the Fever series books by Karen Marie Moning. So far there are 4 of them and out of those 4 I really only liked the 4th one. The last book in the series is coming out in January and so I will read it and hope for the best. Find my reviews on the “Books I’ve Read” page. I was honestly very nervous posting the reviews because so many of my blogging friends LOVED them. But they were extremely nice and decided not to cane, tar and feather me. I am eternally grateful. 🙂

I am also having trouble getting into Hunger Games…*sigh* I know I know, it’s the bestest book ever written! Please don’t send me massive amounts of hate mail LOL. I will keep going with it and hope that I start to like it better but by the half way mark I may just have to give up. I tend to stick with adult books so maybe that’s the issue. Though I have recently read several young adult books that I enjoyed.

I also didn’t enjoy the first book based on the Castle tv show. I love love love the show but the book, Heat Wave, just didn’t do anything for me. I hated admitting defeat on that one because I wanted to love it as much as the show.There is a second book out now, though I probably won’t be reading it either. I wasn’t worried about posting it. It is what it is, just wasn’t for me. I am betting hard-core mystery, true crime readers will really like it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. don’t feel bad about not getting into popular books. I can’t get into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I was really stoked to read it and after like 30 pages I stopped. I can’t even tell you what any of it was about.

    I haven’t tried the Hunger Games because,even though I love love love YA, the synop on the book really didn’t grab me. Playing games to get food????I don’t get it. I myself need hot, angst, love, hot, and supernat helps.

    Thanks for the review. I am going to try the Moning series simply because you liked the last book and there’s sex.


    1. I havent tried to read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…but mystery really isn’t my thing normally. I hate when I don’t like a popular book…I get that high school outcast feeling LOL..

      The Fever series #4 was really good. Just wait till chapter 4 if you want sex 🙂

  2. Oh! I have found my true home. LOL. I couldn’t get through Hunger Games or Dragon Tattoo! Hooray I’m not alone, a literary dunce and poor example of a book enthusiast. *wiping brow* Thank you ladies!

  3. Hey there! Found your blog through the hop and am now following it!!! I am practically addicted to romance!! I love Karen Marie Moning, but I have only read her highlander series, and have loved all of her books so far!! I hope to read the fever series soon though!!! I hope you are having a fun weekend so far!

    Feel free to check out my place at Addicted To Romance

    Happy Holidays!!!

  4. fyi, you are not alone!! I also got nothing out of the Fever series. I only read the first book, but I was so not into it that reading book #2 never even crossed my mind (don’t hate me people, I know eneryone else is drooling over this series) Anywho, just read your review of Dreamfever, and I must say…it sounds pretty good. So what do you think, should I go back and give the series another shot?

    P.S. I’m stopping by from the Blog Hop!

    Nocturnal Bites

    1. I would say yes.. I liked book 4 enough to say that…and it’s not a series of books you can skip certain ones and still know whats going on. There is pertinent info in the 2nd and 3rd book that you need to know to read book 4. Skim em if you have to lol, I did that several times (shhh don’t tell) Book 4 was so much better then the rest of the series (I thought).

      I wouldnt go back and read the first one though if you already have. If you have the general idea, start from there LOL.

  5. I haven’t read Heat Wave or the FAe Series but I really liked the Hunger Games! Really loved it!!
    but I guess it is just the way it is. Some people are bound to love a book, whereas others won’t love it!!

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