Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Alissa Callen (Montana Born Christmas #3)

Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Alissa CallenAvailable: Now Amazon

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Tule Publishing Group

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Corporate analyst, Ivy Bishop, intends spending Christmas holed up in an isolated Montana ranch house with only an abandoned puppy for company. When the festive season ends, her broken heart might just have had just enough time to heal.

Ex-rodeo rider, Rhett Dixon, has put his playing days behind him. He has something to prove. Despite being the first son in three generations of ranchers, he is determined to succeed in ranching on his own merits.

But when Rhett’s new neighbor proves to be far-too-pretty and far-too-compassionate, his single-minded focus deserts him. And the more time Ivy spends with the workaholic, blue-eyed cowboy next door the more she realizes her heart isn’t actually broken – yet.

This is the third in the series about this cute small town in Montana which is heartwarming and entertaining.

Rhett Dixon has become somewhat of a recluse; he owns the Little Rose Crown ranch but stays to himself most days working the land. He went a little off the deep end when his mother got sick and still feels a little guilty about how he acted, not to mention riding a horse while drunk can get you injured. His sisters Peta and Kendall his twin, both live in town and often try to get him to join the human race again.

Ivy Bishop bought the Rose Crown house (next to Rhett’s place) several years ago as a holiday getaway. Now she is thinking about living in the house permanently or at least until she gets her life together. She left her job and boyfriend when she found he was cheating on her in Atlanta and needs a new start in life.

I have fallen in love with this town and its inhabitants. The people are warm and engaging and I like how the festive spirit of the season seems to bring out the best in everyone, including a cantankerous old man.

Rhett and Ivy are perfect for each other and help as they both spend their first Christmas without important people in their lives, he is missing his mom and she the grandparents who raised her. The two hit it off immediately and I like how they are together, the chemistry works. She is spunky and is used to dealing with grumpy men in boardrooms so when she walks into Rhett’s father’s house she has no trouble setting him straight, it is heartbreaking to find he has been missing his wife and has lashed out at loved ones rather than show it.

Rhett is very likeable but he seems to be always watching how others view him, I did not read the story that featured him during his wilder days but he wants to make amends to those he has hurt. I know the reason he let his father sulk for so long was because of his guilt, but with Ivy’s help I like how the future between father and son appears.

This is a short story so the romance happens fast with little drama, oh there is a short event when Rhett believes he is her rebound guy, but it is quickly solved. This is another cute addition to the series; I recommend this for those that enjoy seasonal books with heart.

I give Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Alissa Callen 4 stars!

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