My Control by Lisa Renee Jones (Inside Out #4.5)

My Control by Lisa Renee JonesAvailable: Now Amazon

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

I have lost the man I once was, letting guilt and heartache define who I am. Darkness has controlled me, and one woman has seen what no one else has seen in me, what I do not wish to exist. My hunger for her has driven me to the edge of sanity, but no more. She’s about to find out that the Master has returned.

This super short novella set in Mark’s POV was exactly what I wanted in between the full length books! Mark has long been my favorite character of this series, even when he was more of a secondary character to Chris and Sara’s budding relationship. His iron clad control keeps him from getting to close with people for reasons we still aren’t privy to, but hope to be by the end of the next book. The one time he allowed his carefully constructed control to crumble was with Rebecca, but now with her feared dead and his mother gravely ill, the controlled surface must be back in place. Yet when he finds himself alone with Crystal he feels emotions that both scare and amaze him. He’s constantly torn between wanting to follow his heart and fearing for Crystal’s safety. When he tries to control her he fails miserably because unlike Rebecca, Crystal isn’t about to take his bullshit and let him walk all over her. Even if she does seem to submission a bit, though like Mark, she has her secrets as to why she won’t give in.

Oh boy, Mark’s “Master” persona is one hot fuckilicious piece of man candy. While he does come across a bit cold and maybe even callus in those moments…still, it’s hot as hell. Which is probably exactly how Crystal feels. Even when he’s trying to hide behind that persona though, he’s all about protections, satisfaction and dare I say it…emotional connection. I LOVE Crystal and think she is exactly what Mark needs to overcome his demons. A woman who will fight back while still allowing him to be himself.

While some people say you can read these as standalones, I wouldn’t recommend it. There is to much twisty story arcs and back story to get the meaning behind the subtle nuances Jones weaves into these short novellas. Lucky for everyone this is an awesome series that I fully recommend you read!


I give My Control by Lisa Renee Jones 5 stars!

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