Our First Christmas Anthology

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Kensington

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Join four of your favorite authors for tales of Christmas romance to remember forever.

“Our First Christmas,” Lisa Jackson

Megan Johnson’s marriage is over—or so she thinks. When her husband Chris lands in the hospital, fighting for his life, she remembers the unexpected joy of their first Christmas together.

“A Ranger for Christmas,” Mary Burton The holidays bring painful memories for history professor Marissa Thompson. Agreeing to help Texas Ranger Lucas Cooper solve a case offers the perfect distraction. But as danger threatens, the joy of love has never been more tempting.

“A Southern Christmas,” Mary Carter Reporter Danielle Bright is heading home for the holidays to write up a feature story about Christmas down south—and possibly win back her ex. But Sawyer, the sexy photographer along for the ride, is determined to jingle her bells.

“Christmas in Montana,” Cathy Lamb

Family is the ideal antidote to getting fired, but Laurel Kelly isn’t prepared for the changes at home in Montana—or the fact that her college boyfriend Josh Reed now owns the family land. But a blue Christmas could be the perfect surprise for a holiday to remember. Our First Christmas is a collection of Christmas stories that will help put you in the spirit of the season.

A Ranger for Christmas by Mary Burton is a romantic suspense, with a sexy Texas Ranger who needs help to stop drug traffickers.

Professor Marisa Thompson just returned from a six month sabbatical in the jungles of Mexico. She is a workaholic who has not had many special Christmas’ since her father and mother divorced years ago.

Lucas Cooper is a Texas Ranger who is trying to break a code, he has heard about the work Marisa does with ancient languages and went in search of her in Mexico. They shared an amazing night together but she got scared of how she felt and left before he woke. He tracks her down again, only to realize that his mission has put her in danger.

This is a fast pace short story with twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. Lucas is an amazing hero, very protective and is interested in why she left that morning in Mexico, you can tell he is attracted to her. Marisa is definitely harder to get to know; she is a workaholic who seems to only live for her next research trip and does not have time for much else. I like how Lucas helps her realize the joys of Christmas, a renewed relationship with her father and a new start with Lucas.

A Southern Christmas by Mary Carter is a cute holiday romance about a woman believing she made a mistake in leaving the man she loved only to find love is right in front of her.

Dani Bright is a staff writer for a startup New York magazine. Her assignment is to write a warm Christmas story about Southern living, taking Sawyer, a photographer with her, she heads home to not only write the assignment but to add in her own special story about getting her former finance back. She is not going to let a little thing like his embarrassment or upcoming marriage get in the way.

Sawyer made this short story come alive. He is cute and the verbal sparring between him and Dani is extremely entertaining, his one-liners and comebacks had me smiling several times. Dani was harder to like, she is a constant meddler, first to break up Nate and Anya then to keep them together but it seemed she was putting her foot in her mouth constantly. The attraction between Sawyer and Dani works but it takes awhile for her to realize what she wants.

Christmas in Montana by Cathy Lamb is a story about coming home.

This is an interesting take on a romance; this story is told in first person POV, so you get Laurel’s side of how she views life and love. Laurel was the manager of a rock band for the last ten years, she quit because she wants to get back to the person she used to be, moving back to Montana to enjoy life again. She realizes that her mom and aunt have not told her all they have gone through and recently sold their home to Josh, her old boyfriend. When she approaches Josh to buy back the land he has some stipulations that go along with an agreement to sell.

Despite the first person narrative, I enjoyed this story. I thought Josh is perfect as the hero; he has been in love with Laurel since she left and will do anything to get her back. Laurel has some guilt issues she must work through but her feelings for him come back almost immediately, they are perfect together.

Laurel’s quirky family takes center stage for the holidays and I enjoyed the interesting dynamics between the several stepmothers, siblings and ex-husbands – yes they all came to dinner.

Under the Mistletoe by Lisa Jackson is a very emotional second chance story.

Megan Johnson is torn about what to do, she has divorce papers ready to give to her estranged husband of twenty years, but is not sure about the timing, after all, it is Christmas. She is worried about the kids and how they will take it, but when Chris does not meet her she gets worried, only to received a call from the police. Chris was in an accident and is listed in critical condition. She rushes to his side and while waiting for his condition to change, realizes she still loves him enough to stay together.

The emotion that is written into these pages is palpable. Megan takes us back to the first time they met, the love they shared throughout the years and looks to a future of being together. This short story gives us the true meaning of Christmas: family, friends and love.

All four bring something different to the reader and while I enjoyed some more than others they all are heartwarming and entertaining.

I give Our First Christmas Anthology 4 stars!

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