Christmas Delights by Heather Hiestand (Redcakes #5)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Kensington

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

The sweetest gift is the hardest to unwrap. . .

Lady Victoria Allen-Hill never dreamed she’d be a widow at twenty-one–let alone a virgin. Her father insists that she attend a matchmaking house party in the snow-covered seaside town of Pevensey in hopes she’ll find a suitable husband. But for Victoria, it’s an opportunity to indulge in a passionate affair–and the handsome inventor she meets at the Christmas Eve masquerade ball may be just the man for the job. . .

Lewis Noble is the cousin of London’s famed Redcake sisters, so it almost stands to reason that he’s just as irresistible as one of their sugar-iced pastries. Lewis catches the eye of every woman at the party–but Victoria is the only one who catches his. He won’t be tied down in her father’s business, but watching other men court her amid a flurry of engagements ignites a jealousy he’s never felt before. A dose of honesty may be just the thing to mend their broken hearts–for many holidays to come. . .

I enjoy stories set during the holiday season, the festivities are fun and the stories are warm and entertaining, of course Christmas Delights tweaked my interest even more because it has a historical setting.

Victoria, Lady Allen-Hill is a widow, she married an older man who was sick on their wedding day and died soon after, leaving her a virgin bride. She is traveling with her nine year old cousin Penelope to spend the holidays in Sussex and after several weather related mishaps they end up in the same carriage with both Miss Rose Redcake and her cousin Lewis Noble. Lewis is the scientific sort, he likes to make small mechanical animals and is working on perfecting the motorcar, he is also accredited with Redcake’s success as he made several kitchen improvements to help their business. Victoria notices him right away.

Victoria is excited about this visit, after a year in mourning she is ready for some fun. And although Victoria’s father is in a hurry for her to find another husband, she wants to experience more intimate pleasures with one of the bachelors at the party and believes Lewis will do just fine.

Christmas Delights is the fifth book in the Redcake’s series and can easily be read as a standalone. The author brings us up to date on any pertinent details, but it is a confusing book and I was not sure about my feelings after I read it.

Victoria is an enigma, she is using this party to find a lover, she is restless after spending a year in mourning for a man she barely knew. She wants to experience some pleasures in life before her father marries her off again, setting her sights on Lewis she seduces him one night, they share some intimate moments but there is also some awkward times as he pushes her away.

I do like Lewis, he has a scientific mind and is more interested in building the next motorcar than seducing a woman. Although he finds her attractive, he is not sure what their future holds since he does not want to marry and work for her father. The push and pull between them made me dizzy and it was hard to follow.

Other characters play important roles but I had a hard time keeping track with so much going on. I liked the delicate Rose Redcake, she has some health issues but makes some strange choices later in the book that are puzzling, what is she thinking? I also enjoyed Penelope, she is a cute young girl with a troubled childhood and I was happy to see Victoria take her under her wing. I had big issues with Victoria’s father, he is overbearing, condescending and arrogant and was inconsistent with how he treated both Victoria and Penelope and I will never understand some of the choices he made or the conversations he had.

The bulk of the story takes place at the house in Sussex so the pace is slow, also throughout the story Victoria tells a tale to Penelope during the quiet times or when they were traveling, but I was confused by the tale and many times the fairy tale would take up several pages, which slowed down the actual story even more. I thought that Victoria and Lewis made a perfect couple but it was a long confusing ride to get there.

I give Christmas Delights by Heather Hiestand 3 stars!

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