Delightful by Adrianne Lee (Big Sky Pie #3)


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Ice Erickksen has “one-night stand” written all over him. Once he’s finished shooting the Big Sky Pie reality show, this hot-as-hell TV producer is going to hightail it out of Montana and return to his glamorous life in L.A. But Ice gets into hot water when one of the goodies in the pie shop-a delightful blonde with marriage on her mind-burns up the camera lens.

Andrea Lovette, the manager of the shop, always picks the bad boys. But after her divorce, she’s determined to find the good family man that her two young sons deserve. Although Andrea’s body sizzles whenever Ice is near, she knows in her heart that he’s not marriage material. Then why does the bad boy still seem like such a good idea?

This is a charming story featuring a woman who runs a small town pie shop and the owner of a big city production company, their attraction is undeniable.

Andrea Lovette is the assistant manager of Big Sky Pie in Kalispell, Montana. She is a single mother of two wonderful sons, she was married at a young age and now knows the type of man to look for, one she can count on and one day marry, unfortunately she loves those bad boys. Her boss Molly is the owner of the pie shop and has been anxious about falling revenue, she recently contracted with a production company for a reality show pilot, bringing nothing but trouble to town.

Ice Erikksen is a partner in Ice Berg Productions, he is from a famous family and does all he can to hide from the tabloids and distance himself from his family. He changed his name when he was very young and spent most of his years at boarding school and although he has not spoken with either parent for many years, they have both reached out to him, he just has some personal hurtles to get through.

When Ice and Andrea meet for the first time, sparks fly and the attraction is mutual but what can come from a commitment shy bad boy and a woman looking for forever?

Delightful is a cute story with humorous settings and engaging characters and although this is the third in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

Andrea is a likable person but can’t seem to stay away from a bad boy no matter how much trouble they cause her. She knows what type of person Ice is immediately, unfortunately for her he needs to be around the shop as much as possible and they waste no time before they are intimate, but she knows better and backs off.

Ice is also a very likable hero, he has some issues from his past he has never dealt with which prevent him from thinking about a future with anyone and although he is attracted to Andrea he realizes what she is looking for, and it is not him. His family really did a number on him, but I like how their relationship ends up.

Hijinx ensues during the filming of the pilot, just when you think things settle down, something else comes up and the production company thrives on the drama, knowing what sells in reality TV. But this is small town America, intriguing people are plentiful and residents know all the secrets.

The pace of the story works well, we are introduced to the production company early on and there are several side stories help the story flow. Secondary characters play important roles as with most small town settings, Molly is very likable but is somewhat naive about the trouble involved with a reality show and soon wants out. I like Wade the contractor who is not ready for a relationship yet and Andrea understands where he was coming from, his story will be touching. Several pie shop customers and workers add to the day to day confusion with humorous moments and Andrea’s two sons are adorable and add cuteness to the story. The story is sweet and fun and I will definitely be picking up the next one.

I give Delightful by Adrianne Lee 4 stars!



She spun on her heel with every intention of chewing him out, but froze under the gaze of those mesmerizing eyes that haunted her dreams. His grin said he had her where he wanted her—all to himself.

He needed to be set straight on a few points, first that she wouldn’t be manipulated. Maybe he couldn’t help himself, being a director, but she didn’t like it. She closed the gap between them as though she were glad to be alone with him. She got up close and personal, in full-on flirt mode, fingering his collar, feeling the pulse at his neck quicken, hearing his intake of breath. She leaned into him as if she meant to kiss him and whispered, “If you’d wanted to get me alone, sweetheart, all you had to do was ask.”

He started to reach for her, but she pulled back. He cocked his head, studied her, something bothering him, but not what she expected. “How’s Lucas?”

The question seemed to come out of the blue, like an angry hornet biting into her exposed flesh. Why had he asked about her son? What did Lucas have to do with him? Nothing, that’s what. “He’s none of your concern.”

Ice pressed his lips together, nodding. “You’re right. He’s not. I was just. . .being polite.”

She nodded, knowing she needed to draw a line with him. “The other day with you was an awful mistake. It can’t happen again. Ever.”

“Awful?” A soft laugh vibrated in his throat. “I don’t believe you. . .and you know as well as I do that it will happen again. . .” He was staring at her mouth, and then her breasts—which were standing at attention, either from the cold of the room or the heat of his gaze. She should leave now, but her brain wasn’t paying attention. It was listening to the baser requests being made by the glances of this so-wrong-for-her man.

“I don’t have any expectations,” she said. “I don’t want anything more. No strings.”

“What if I want strings?”

“You don’t want strings.” She couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of that. “Any woman harboring that fantasy only has to sleep with you to realize it’s a foolhardy notion.”

His eyes clouded, a sure sign that she’d dented his ego. “What does that mean?”

Oh, God, why had she opened this can of worms? How did she explain that she’d had a man exactly like him? That she knew from experience he was only in it for himself. He didn’t want her for her. He was only turned on by her loving wild sex as much as he did. What could she say that would make him stop coming after her for more? “Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy hot, dirty sex as much as anyone, especially with a lover who knows his way around the female body. But like most women, I want something more.”

“Such as?” The glint in his eye said “bring it on.” He was up for any challenge she wanted to throw at him. Literally up for it, she realized, judging by the bulge in his chinos.

Her resolve wobbled, her grasp on the situation slipping through her fingers. But she couldn’t think when he looked at her like this, when she wanted to feel his mouth on hers, his arms around her, his body pressed close.

He came toward her. “Can’t think of anything?”

“Yes. I can.” But nothing was coming to her. Nothing she’d say to him.

He’d backed her into a corner, the heat issuing off him making her panties wet and her heart thunder. She felt like a moth fluttering toward a killing light. If she wasn’t careful, she might let him strip her naked right here, just to extinguish the flame that burned for him. So much for being in control of any area of her life. She was a screwed-up mess.

He groaned her name, shoved his hands into her hair, and captured her mouth in a brain-

tingling explosion of lust. She wanted to claw his clothes off and climb on top of him, right here, right now in the pie shop. He broke off the kiss, panting, his forehead to hers. “What is it about you. . .?”


About Adrianne Lee
Adrianne Lee lives with her husband of many, many years on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State in a pole barn building her husband transformed into an upstairs apartment with a shop below for his hot rods. Adrianne creates her stories on her laptop, in her recliner with her adopted cat, Spooky, curled between her calves, snoozing.  Over thirty years of summer vacationing in the Flat Head Lake area near Kalispell and Glacier Park has given her a love for all things Montana.
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