Mine To Have by Cynthia Eden (Mine #5)

Mine To Have by Cynthia EdenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Self

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

Is he a hero…or the villain?

When Elizabeth Ward sees Saxon Black rushing into the backroom of The Blade—a low end bar in Miami—she isn’t sure if he’s there to save the day…or just to raise some hell. But she’s being held hostage, and he’s her best hope of survival. Within minutes, she’s away from the jerks with the guns and riding fast and hard on the back of Saxon’s motorcycle.

Death stalks them.

Saxon has been working undercover for far too long. When he finds sexy Elizabeth—with a gun to her head—he knows he will do anything to keep her safe. But once he gets her away from her abductors, the threat to her isn’t over. Someone has put a price on Elizabeth’s head, and if Saxon can’t keep her safe from the danger stalking her, then she’ll be dead.

Their lives are both on the line.

As their enemies close in, Elizabeth and Saxon must go on the run. And the longer they are together, the hotter their attraction for one another seems to burn. Saxon vows not to let anyone hurt her, no matter what he has to do, because he’s falling fast for Elizabeth. He’ll stop the killers on her trail, and then he’ll have her. Forever.


Another exciting romantic suspense from Cynthia Eden! Though loosely tied together with book four, Mine To Have can be read as a standalone very easily. Since I love them so much I highly recommend reading them all. Eden’s crisp writing style makes her alpha males jump right off the page and into your life. No one does alphas with quite so much demand than Cynthia.

In Mine To Have Saxon Black is trying everything he can to get out of the FBI undercover life. One last job and then he’s free to move on to the life he’s been secretly building in the wings. Save one girl then he’s done. Except from the moment he storms into the back room of a shady operation and locks sights with Elizabeth, he knows something is different. She’s different.

Elizabeth has no idea why she’s suddenly the target of bloodthirsty killers, but having Saxon near by makes her feel protected. The attraction she feels toward him confuses her and yet she can’t get enough of him. She may be safe from those hot on her trail but who is going to protect her from Saxon?

Typical of an Eden romance, the suspense continues to ratchet tighter as the book progresses both physically and emotionally. Elizabeth and Saxon work well together for two people who are seemingly in different worlds on paper.  They shouldn’t work. Yet the attraction is palpable to the point of explosion. Elizabeth adapts well to the changing roles in her life with believable ease. I think having Saxon by her side constantly helped lessen her anxiety giving her a vocal point instead. With no family ties it made it easier for her to leave while also giving Eden the opportunity to further her back story on the car wreck that killed her parents.

I loved how Eden changes the game about half way through the book by killing off one character but in the process allowing another to gain momentum. It was definitely a clever twist on a story line that many romantic suspense books follow.  This allowed the reader to see Saxon in two very different roles, though he never loses his protector status. The ruthless FBI agent and the elusive high end business owner. The worlds completely different with the central commonality being Elizabeth. Her ability to see him for who he truly is behind the many masks he’s had to wear makes her someone he’s unwilling to let disappear from any of his undercover lives.

The brotherly aspect between Saxon and Victor was well done and gave Eden a great opportunity to set the scene for the next book. Working together since they were street rats (along with our heroine from the last book, Jasmine) they have each others backs no matter what. Victor often plays the role of bad guy for the common good which makes him a character I’ve come to both enjoy and loathe. He shows moments of genuine gentleness which he quickly replaces with cold impassiveness. Everything he does has an endgame but he’s the only one privy to that information. He’s a maneuver-er working behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to the woman who is bound to shatter his world. Because I’m sadistic like that. 🙂

Mine To Have is a romantic suspense not to be missed! Eden delivers lightning fast action scenes and heart stopping eroticism that had me on edge the entire book!  Full of twists and surprises from every angle, I whole-heartedly recommend this one!

I give Mine To Have by Cynthia Eden 4.75 stars!

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