Wild Desire by Lori Brighton

Due Out:  MARCH 2011

Publisher: Kensington Books

Wild Desire is Lori’s sequel to Wild Heart (review HERE). It’s a historical romance with a hint of paranormal. The story centers around Colin, who we met in the first book) and Bea.

Colin stumbles into his room in a drunken stupor only to find a naked, cold Bea standing there. The attraction is immediate for Colin, though he wishes it wasn’t. He’s not looking for a woman. Definitely not a sheltered, rich Englishwoman who reminds him of his cold-hearted ex-fiance. Bea couldn’t agree more. She wants nothing to do with Colin…even if his drunken touch did ignite a simmering heat from deep within her body.

When they end up thrown together on a journey across India neither of them is happy with the arrangement. Colin is no cad however, he takes his mission of keeping Bea safe very seriously. His protection instincts on high alert, they make the journey thwarting attempt after attempt on their lives.

Bea, unbeknownst to her, is the key to a statue with limitless power. She doesn’t believe in such things but needing to feel unconfined, goes along with Colin’s plans. She’s tired of being told what to do, where to go and how to be a proper lady. She craves emotion, adventure and fun. She has no idea what she is in for as they sweep across the country through lush jungles, century old temples and palaces. She can’t argue with the powers she watches Colin use. He is a healer, able to take away disease and hold off death. Watching him selflessly save children changes Bea’s opinion of him quite quickly. Gone is the image of a coward and in its place is a hero, a strong man trying to take away others pain…while his own remains.

As they make their journey across the foreign terrain, Bea lets Colin take her to new heights. Places no other man has ever touched, Colin now owns. Including her heart. When evil catches up to them will Colin fight with his head….or his heart?

I really enjoyed Wild Desire. Unlike the first installment, which takes place in cold and dreary England, Wild Desire takes you to the jungles of India. India is extremely varied in its landscapes. In town it’s all dust and brown, dirty. In the jungles the scenery is lush, alive and humming with activity. The descriptions of the temples will make your imagination light up with thought. Lori makes you feel like you’re on a Indiana Jones adventure. Complete with treasure and steamy scenes. The attraction between Bea and Colin is HOT HOT HOT. That man has some serious restraint. Though the book takes place in the mid 1800’s and Colin IS a gentleman at heart. Though he is most certainly a wounded gentleman. His hang up on his ex has his brain completely clouded and until he finally sees Bea for who she truly is… not a copy of his ex…he will never be able to move on. I wanted to thump him several times for not realizing why he was having issues admitting his feelings to Bea.

I love historical romance. Everything seems so chivalrous back then. When a man would treat a lady like a princess and worry about her “reputation”. Colin is the picture of a strong, misunderstood man who wants nothing more than to give in to the temptation that is Bea. In most books I don’t want my female lead to be weak. But in a historical romance I forgive such ideas unless the story calls for the female to take charge. Bea begins the story as a proper lady and morphs into a head strong, brave woman by the end. The transformation was a page turner.

Wild Desire will sweep you up in a whirlwind journey across a distant land…leaving nothing in its wake but rumble, shattered misconceptions and emotional scars. If you want a steamy historical romance with action and just a smidge of paranormal…Lori Brighton is your go to author!

I give Wild Desire 4.5 stars!

Check out my interview with Lori HERE (though the interview is long over) and her website HERE


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