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I was thinking yesterday about the shows I watch religiously every week. I won’t lie, there are quite a few. In fact, I am so attached to these shows that when summer comes and they go into reruns for what seems like an endless amount of time, I mourn. There is a common theme in the majority of shows I watch..sexual tension. Well, the dramas anyway. I love a good drama with a lot of sexual tension. These usually focus on the law in some form. Cop, FBI, CIA or some other three-letter agency I am forgetting at the moment. You can also throw some lawyers in there occasionally as well. Give me a good-looking male actor and an attractive (but not smoking hot because that would depress me) woman…and I will watch. If the writing is good, I will keep watching. Maybe I am old-fashioned but I also love when the woman inevitably screws up and gets taken hostage and the hot guy has to come rescue her. Then they need to share a touching moment when your sure they were gonna kiss, but at the last second one gets scared and they don’t. Yeah, I am a sucker for that stuff. Now, the guy also needs to screw up once in a while. I don’t like a weak female lead so even though she may screw up I don’t want her relying on the male to come get her (even though he will).

Ok, now that you have a vague idea of what I’m talking about, let’s talk shows I watch.

Bones. First and foremost I am a child of the 90’s and so I won’t lie and tell you I started watching it for the crime drama aspect. I started watching it for David Boreanaz. Having been totally into him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then later on his spinoff Angel. When I heard he was getting another show after Angel ended, I was all over it. Emily Deschanel plays the female lead of Dr. Brennen. Brennen is a forensic anthropologist, the top in her field.  She is totally inept at all things emotional and really has no filter between her brain and her mouth. David plays FBI Agent Booth. Tough but still sweet and funny. He loves to rebel the FBI standards with silly things like belt buckles and socks. Together they make a funny pair, but loveable. From the first season I have wanted them to get together. The sexual tension mounts with every season but Brennen refuses to give in. It’s truly reminiscent of The X-files. Don’t get me started on that show..whew I could talk for days. I own the entire show on DVD.

Castle. This show is fairly new. Its been on for two seasons I think. I am in love with it. Castle is a writer who is basing a new series on a female cop, Beckett. Castle is annoyingly smart in figuring out her cases while Beckett is a straight forward tough cop…who happens to be extremely good-looking. Maybe it’s where I live but I don’t think any of the cops in Massillon, Ohio are quite so hot. Beckett started out the show hating that Castle was forever tagging along on her cases. Now, she seems to rely on him. There have been several episodes where I was sure they were gonna profess their love. I got my wish at the end of last season when Castle decided to, in his way, tell her. But like every good show the moment came and went without completion. One person will always be on the fence when the other person is ready. So, the sexual tension will continue.

Fringe. This one is a bit different. I can’t really figure out the two main characters. They seem more like friends to me 99.99% of the time. Then the writers will throw in one “look” and I am confused again. Whatever, overall the show is awesome. It is like taking a typical FBI show and throwing weird shit in from The X-files (See, it all comes back to that show for me ha). The story line confuses me on a weekly basis and I keep watching hoping the next episode will clear things up. Only to find out that it just keeps getting stranger until the season finale where some things are answered but the main ones are still up in the air. Olivia is the female lead as the FBI agent who is working for a section of the FBI not known to normal people (of course, right). Walter is the older, probably mentally insane on some level, extremely smart on every other level, doctor. He can’t remember the most ordinary things but he can split an atom in record time. Peter is his son, who is a clone from another dimension because the original Peter died. Got your attention yet? Throw in a bald guy that acts like an alien and shows up in the background of damn near every show…yep, confused. I love it.

True Blood. Yeah, I watch this for the sex. The story line is good too, but mostly it’s the sex. End of paragraph.

The Vampire Dairies. This is my teenage foray. If they made a Twilight tv show I would watch that instead. But that isn’t gonna happen, so I watch The Vampire Dairies. It’s a decently good show as far as teenage forays go. I am still not sold on the lead vampire Stephan. I much prefer the bad boy, Damon. That seems to be my M.O. I love a bad boy who still has some smidgen of love in his cold, black heart. The guy that will nearly kill you but save you when someone else threatens you. Yeah, hot. Elena is the female lead. Eh, she’s okay. I am not professing my love for her character even after a few seasons.

Supernatural. Ok, so no sexual tension here because it’s about two demon hunting brothers. However, both brothers are what my dreams are made of so I watch. I love the storyline too because anything paranormal and demon intrigues me. Even though it’s totally not sexual, I love the brotherly love. The fact that they are completely different but totally alike. That they can hate the other one but still stand behind him and risk his life to save him. The way the demons talk cracks me up as well. I mean who would have thought a demon would take the time to make fun of you a little before they try to kill you? The way it makes me think about mythology and the Bible. This upcoming season it’s been moved to the death spot…aka Friday night. I don’t expect it to last but maybe this season and next. I will enjoy it while I have it and dream about them for years to come.

So there it is. The drama’s I currently wait all week to watch. I am sure more will be added to the list once the new lineup starts. I am seeing some promising ones. I also watch comedies, but only a few. Modern Family is HILARIOUS. Whoever writes for that show is a genius. The gay couple is my favorite. Something about a gay guy always makes me watch. I just love them. The Middle is also extremely funny because it feels like my life in many ways. I can’t forget Family Guy. I love love love that show. The more controversial the more I laugh, I’m twisted. In fact while watching the national news I am constantly thinking, “how long until this pops up on Family Guy”?

Last but not least is my reality shows. I honestly don’t do a ton of these. No Jersey Shore or Kardashian sisters for me. I keep my reality to dancing shows (NOT dance your ass off) and The Bachelorette.

If you made it this far you get a cookie. So, what do you watch? What makes you tune in every week? What do you mourn in the off-season? Tell me what makes you tick. Maybe reading about your shows will add another to my list. That’s why God invented the DVR.

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  1. I watch WAY Too much TV. Phineas and Ferb has been my summer addiction. With LOST over and no Doctor Who for a while, I don’t have a lot of shows I can focus on. Sigh. Nothing is getting me all excited for next season.
    Good news I’ll be able to read and write more.

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