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*Review By Danielle*

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Danielle is going to blog for me today! YAY! Hey Danielle! Thank you so much for helping me out! It’s been a LONG week for me and I needed a bit of help. Danielle graciously stepped up to the plate because she just finished a AMAZING book that is getting rave reviews!….Take it away Danielle!…..

From Goodreads:

The astonishing final novel in Richelle Mead’s epic series!

Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa first in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between them.


WOW! Richelle Mead’s Last Sacrifice is not only breathtaking, but absolutely heart pounding. I’m not even sure I could put this review into words how amazing this book is, but how amazing the series is as a whole. Last Sacrifice gets my vote for YA of the year! Mead not only did a fantastic job of letting us into this world she has created, but ended this series with an explosion.

Rose has been locked away and is awaiting word to start her trial for murdering Queen Tatiana. If Rose only knew her friends are planning a great escape so they could clear her name. Rose has always protected Lissa and now its time for the roles to reverse. Breaking Rose out of prison is only the first step to clearing her name and finding out who actually killed the queen. Adventure after adventure, it just doesn’t stop.

Anger, anxiety, fear, joy, love, pain, loss and healing, Mead has it all. Never a dull moment. Just when you think things are going a certain way, they change. The suspense was killing me throughout the book and I didn’t wanted to put it down. Reading this one time was not enough. I will have to revisit this series over and over.

From the first chapter you can feel what Rose was experiencing and wanted. Emotions run high in this book.  Everything that was ongoing in the series was answered which has so many pluses!! Who is the illegitimate child of Eric Dragomir, who murdered the queen, why was Rose set up, whats to become of Lissa and the question that is on everyone’s mind, does Rose end up with Adrian or Dimitri. Yes, she finally does end up with someone. Of course I’m super happy on how the series ended.

This is definitely a book I can assure you will love and not be able to put down. It takes a lot for me to be stunned silent after reading a book, but this book did it. The book doesn’t just top the charts, it reaches a whole new plateau. I wish this series didn’t have to end, but all great things must come to an end at some point in time. Do not fear this wont be the last of these characters we have grown to love. Mead is currently working on the spin-off series, Bloodlines, which will be out late summer/early fall of 2011.

Favorite Quote: “But I was meant for you.”

Last Sacrifice gets 5 stars from Danielle!


Because Danielle is AWESOME, she has decided to give away her extra copy of Last Sacrifice! To be entered all you have to do is leave a comment answering her question:

What would you sacrifice for love, family and friends?

*contest open to US residents until 12/12 at 11:59pm*


  1. I love VA and Richelle Mead. I’m so glad she’s writing a spin-off series because these characters and her writing is just too fabulous to end yet. Rose is by far one of my favorite heroines and I’m sure she will stay in my top 3 forever. I was torn on the ending of the series, happy yet not. But that will just give us that much more to look forward to when Bloodlines comes out. My favorite quote: “You’re beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me.”

  2. What would I sacrifice for the one’s I love?…Why everything, anything. My life would mean nothing without them. There would be no more laughter or light, and I would become dark without them.

  3. i would sacrifice anything for them no doubt about it because they are that important to me.
    thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  4. First SQUEEE!!!! Are. You. Kidding. Me? I WANT THIS BOOK!!!! Secondly, what would I sacrifice? Anything. Seriously, I’m not that attached to things and to help a loved one, it’s all theirs. I’d take a bullet, dodge a train, even hand over my iced-grande-non-fat,-nowhip-caramel macchiato. Especially for cousins whose family I might have married into in the hopes that one day she’d be giving away Last Sacrifice! AHHHH!
    Pick Me!

  5. What would I sacrafice for love, family, and friends? For family-anything and everything! For love-well to be loved, nothing, to be with my love-everything! For friends-not my life, but everything else!

  6. I would give my life, that would be the ultimate sacrifice I think.
    so want to read this one. been debating if I should buy the ebook for my nook or buy the actual book.
    but if I win it..problem solved!

  7. Am waiting for the spin off like everyone else, hope it does as well as this one did for Mead…

    What would I sacrifice for love, family and friends?
    I would give my own life as the ultimate sacrifice for my love and my family, for friends would do anything and everything in my power to help them if they needed something other than money… Lending money or borrowing it, is the one thing that has caused more heartache and busted up more friendships and family than death and disease!

    jackie >_<


  8. For love, or rather, the person I love the most in this world, I would sacrifice everything and anything. For my family and friends, I would without a thought, go out of my way to help them. I would sacrifice any amounts of money, time, or energy. And also I would sacrifice a lifetime worth of pie and chocolate if it meant I would be helping the people I love. Which is saying a lot for me, because I really like pie and chocolate. But I don’t LOVE them. So yeah 🙂

  9. I would give anything for my family and I would sacrifice my life if it meant saving my family and friends. They mean the world to me so, I would definitely give everything I have for them.

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