My Week In Review

No, not books in review….my actual life. It’s been a long week. Generally I only have a set schedule on days I have cleaning clients. That’s Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s weekly and Friday’s once a month. I then work in the vacant apts as they come ready to clean. Sometimes I don’t have any of those in a month…sometimes I have a bunch. That varies.

My mom is taking a trip to AZ next week and I am responsible for covering her job (office manager) while she is gone, since we work at the same office. Eventually I’d like to get that job full time, when she moves permanently to AZ next spring.

So in preparation this week I moved all my cleanings around so they weren’t going without one for a couple of weeks. I ended up with clients every day this week except for Thursday. Next week I have a cleaning on Tuesday and then its the office until Christmas.

Because of this I have fallen just slightly behind on my reading..oops 😉 I am going to try to catch up this weekend. Maybe. Or at least that was the plan before I heard the projected weather forecast for Sunday-Tuesday night. BLIZZARD. Well, so that they say anyway. Our weather guys are notorious for hyping everything up to the point where people get nearly hysterical and then we get nothing. The problem lies in Lake Erie. It’s unpredictable in the snow that it produces..and it rarely reaches as far south as I am. HOWEVER, when we get snow from any other directions, mainly west and south, we usually get hammered. Guess which way the storm is coming from? Yeah…west. So I guess I will be going to the grocery store today and pick up a few things.

Ok, onto a few other things. I have found a new music obsession in Nicki Minaj. I am absolutely in love with her music. I had heard the song “Your Love” a few times on the radio but yesterday I saw the video on YouTube. Love her.


After I had watched that…admittedly a few times…I found this song, which I think I like even more. This song was definitely wrote about me. hands down. I totally connect with it. I’m horrible to live with, I know this 🙂 And seriously, who is that guy in the video? *drool* I love his eyes!



Guess what I added to my Christmas list last night? I want that cd now.When she isn’t being downright weird, lol, she is extremely pretty. I don’t think I realized that until I had seen these two videos. I don’t care what the haters say…Lil’ Kim is still good, but I think I like Nicki more…at least for now.

Onto books. I will be getting the review up for The Naughty List anthology hopefully tomorrow. Then I will be starting a new YA by Lori Brighton “The Mind Readers” which just came out this past week. I love that book cover! I will try and remember to put up a blurb in my IMM post tomorrow. I really enjoy Lori’s writing style. You can buy her books for a limited time for only $.99 (e-copy). If you haven’t read anything by her yet…what are you waiting for??

On Smashwords:

The Mind Readers

The Ghost Hunter


On Amazon:

The Mind Readers

The Ghost Hunter



I don’t think The Story Siren is doing ‘In My Mailbox” posts until the beginning of January…but no fear. I have decided to still keep mine up. Mainly because I plan to be swimming in books after Christmas 🙂 In fact…I just had an AWESOME mailbox day today. But, you have to wait until tomorrow for my post..hehehehe. But, let’s just say there is a certain someone on Twitter who I LOVE..*MUAH*! You know who you are.


  1. Nikki last IMM LInky up tomorrow on the 12th and then not until after New Years! You have had a busy week and sure hope your wish of becoming the office manager comes to pass, maybe more stress but less back breaking cleaning jobs if that is possible!

    See you tomorrow for a record mailbox for me after getting nothing but free e-books last week they all came in Mon-Fri of this week and I cannot wait to share the goods! (Cannot wait to see yours either, sounds like you did good on books this time too!)

    jackie >_<

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