Since starting this blog I’ve had several people tell me I write exceptionally well. I think either these people have hit their head or they are reading someone elses blog thinking its mine. There are many reasons why I don’t really try to write anything more substantial than a blog among millions of other blogs. I have tried and failed and excepted this failure. Just writing this blog is proving to be difficult for me. Now, there are certain parts of a book I could certainly excel in writing.  Chase scenes, murders and sex don’t make up an entire book. Well, a good one anyway. There has to be a story, a progression and an evolving of a character. Therein lies my problem. I can construct intricate scenes with gruesome detail and blood splashed up all over the wall. Ask me to get inside the sick and twisted mind of a serial killer, I’m your girl.  I have at least 50 words to use for a certain part of the male anatomy.  Writing sexy details I’m all for. I would flourish in the porn movie community. All the stuff in between? I can not do. I can see it, but I can’t put it into words. I leave that for the professionals, the dreamers, those with way more drive then me. I would be perfect as a beta reader. That is someone who gets to read a book and give input to the author way before it ever hits the book store shelves. That career though is generally unpaid. Not that there’s anything wrong with working for free, I do all the time. However, it can’t sustain me. I do that in my spare time for fun. One of my dreams is to go back to college and when I do,  an editing career might be my choice. That is years off though. I do not have the time nor the money to do anything right now. I also do not mind playing second fiddle to someone elses dream. That might bother another person to always be in the shadow of greatness. It doesn’t phase me at all. I know there are many exceptional people behind every celebrity, best-selling author or musician. Their dream may be to achieve their own version of greatness, but mine is to help them get there. So to all those folks that keep telling me to write….I say to them….you write it, and I will edit it, change it and flip things around. THAT is what I’m good at.

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