To Kiss A Kilted Warrior by Rowan Keats (Claimed By The Highlander #3)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Signet

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Reviewer: Pam

In the Highlands of Scotland, love and passion rage as fiercely as the storms that sweep the land—and nothing comes between a clan and its laird, a lass and her kin, or man and his chosen woman… Shunned by her village, weaver Morag Cameron lives a solitary existence in the woods—until the night she finds a sorely wounded Highlander by the loch. Under her care, the handsome warrior slowly recovers his strength, but his memories have disappeared. Morag is torn. For if she helps him regain his past, she may sacrifice a life with the man she has come to love…

Wulf MacCurran wants nothing more than to claim Morag as his own, but his past holds too many dangerous secrets—secrets that put them both in mortal danger. He must discover who attacked him and left him for dead. Traveling to Edinburgh, Wulf and Morag find themselves swept into a mystery with the power to determine the fate of their passions—and change Scotland forever…

This is a fast pace story filled with revenge and danger. During the 13th century Scotland was on the verge of war and trust was hard to come by, this third book in the series is a great addition as we watch the chaos in the Highlands evolve.

Morag Cameron, a skilled weaver was banished from Dunstoras Castle when a jilted lover she thought she would marry turns against her. She takes her loom and belongings to begin a new live in the surrounding woodlands. Several years later she finds Wulf MacCurran, warrior extraordinaire almost dead and nurses him back to life, he was the one person that helped her during her banishment and she felt she owed him, he does not remember some of his life but knows his wife and small child were killed and as soon as he is recovered he wants revenge.

Wulf is cousin to the new Laird and knows these are treacherous times, Aidan and Niall are both wanted men still so in order to find his attackers, he must go to Edinburgh and he decides Morag will travel with him.

An intriguing story that I found very entertaining. I have not read the first two book in the series but I had no problem reading this as a standalone. Be advised that there is an ongoing storyline that appears throughout the series, the ever growing turmoil in Scotland that not only unites several clans but also tears others apart, not to mention the changes in leadership, but the author keeps the reader up to date and the story is intriguing throughout the book.

Morag is a strong and determined woman, she knows her place in life and that some of her choices have not always been the best, yet she takes ownership and works with what she is given. I like her and her courage.

Wulf is an interesting man, a warrior who suffers a great loss but stays with Morag while healing even though he knows some of where he is from. I was confused by his choices, and why he does not live with his surviving young son, but healing is first, then revenge and maybe that takes precedence over all. He is a good person and treats Morag well but is still haunted by his dead wife and child. Morag is very interested in a more intimate relationship with Wulf, she knows the attraction is there between them but he pushes back, he wants to be able to give her all of him after he gets revenge, oh but the frustrations she feels. The two together are unique, they live together, acting like husband and wife feeling the pull between them, but with so much going on their relationship is subdued.

We are treated to nonstop action from beginning to end, as the hero and heroine go from one dangerous situation to another, they are strangers in Edinburgh and they find few people to trust. Secondary characters add much to the story, there are several from previous books that appear, new friends that help Morag and Wulf and of course the villains that cause havoc that all keep the story flowing and interesting. This is a must read for those following the series and those that love stories set in the highlands that are filled with intrigue and danger.

I give To Kiss a Kilted Warrior by Rowan Keats 3.75 stars!

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