In Bed With A Spy by Alyssa Alexander (Spy In The Ton #2)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Revenge has never been so seductive. When her husband is killed at Waterloo, Lilias Fairchild takes up his cavalry sword and boldly storms the front, earning herself the nickname Angel of Vengeance. But there is another angel on the battlefield who is just as single-minded, and just as ruthless…

Alistair Whitmore, the Marquess of Angelford, is a British spy. Code name: Angel. Still haunted by a first love felled by assassins, his mission draws him to Waterloo, where he is captivated by a beautiful and mysterious woman fighting amongst the men—a woman who becomes his most intoxicating memory of war. Passion has never been so dangerous. Two years later, Lilias and Angelford lock eyes in a crowded ballroom and the memory returns in an exhilarating rush. The history they share, and hide from the world, is as impossible to ignore as the heat of their attraction. But it’s that very connection that spells doom for their scandalous affair. When someone from the shadows of their past proves a dire threat to their lives, passion might not be enough to save them.

An intriguing romance with enough twists, turns and mystery to satisfy many of my wants in a historical romance featuring a dash of espionage and excitement.

Alastair Whitmore is the Marques of Angelstone, but he also hides a another identity as a spy for the Crown, his code name is Angel and he has been very successful in his endeavors. Yet always in the background is his sorrow for the one woman he could not save and the burning desire to find the one that killed her, a Death Adder.

Lilias Fairchild is a young widow who is no longer mourning her husband and is ready to rejoin the living. She is surrounded by mysteries and rumors about tales of her on the battlefield avenging her husband’s death and the legends are true as it is the first time Angel sees this vision, something he has not been able to forget. When Angel and Lilias meet again the attraction is immediate but there are numerous obstacles between them, one of which is that she is unsure of who her husband was as several unsettling tales come to light.

This is the second book in the series, and it is even more enjoyable than the first, the characters are fascinating as we solve the mysteries and intrigues weaved into this enjoyable tale. Lilias is a great heroine, I like her independent ways and how she is ready to start enjoying life again. I also like how she embraces the mysteries that surround her, the rumors and illusions are great for a widow who wants to take pleasure in some freedoms.

Alastair is thoroughly irresistible, an attractive and highly sot after bachelor who is mysterious in his own way as he spies for the Crown. I also love the fact that he plays the violin beautifully, but privately, increasing the mystery around him. Along with several of his associates, he is involved with finding the answers to the Death Adder’s group and Lilias inadvertently becomes part of the circle when questions arise about her husband, but they work well together to find the murderer even though they clash over her participation. The two together are amazing, the scenes are steamy and the chemistry is off the charts, I especially enjoyed the scene where they are fencing, so sensuous and sexy, Ms. Alexander knows how to create a mood.

The pace of the story is fast and well timed, from the havoc on the field of battle to the beauty of the ballrooms of London we are treated to intrigue and mystery. The story slows for some intimacies and a little romance but there is always a hint of danger and the pace really ramps up when the killer believes he is about to be revealed, however I found that the ending is tied up very quickly. Secondary characters add greatly to the story, I enjoyed Angel’s sister-in-laws and Lilias’ mother-in-law, all very engaging women and there is also Jason Hawthorne, a good friend of Lilias, I hope to see many of these people in future books. I also like how previous characters are involved with the story, not too much that you could not read this as a standalone but just enough to enjoy seeing them again. All in all a recommended book for those that like historical romance with mystery and intrigue.

I give In Bed with a Spy by Alyssa Alexander 4 stars!

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