The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

I think Lori is trying to give me a coronary! I can’t get over how exciting this book was and how my heart raced until the last sentence. And boy, that last sentence is a DOOSEY. Lori’s first young adult book does not disappoint!

From Smashwords:

Cameron Winters is a freak. Fortunately, no one but her family knows that Cameron can read minds. When Lewis Douglas arrives, he tempts her with possibilities of freedom. Determined to embrace her hidden talents, Cameron heads to a place where she meets other Mind Readers. But when the Mind Readers realize the extent of Cameron’s abilities, they want to use her powers for their own needs.

Cameron has always been different, always been an outsider. That kinda comes with the territory when you can read minds. She has integrated herself into the “cool” crowd in high school by befriending Emily, the most popular of them all. All Cam has to do is say the right thing at the right time…and when you know what someone wants to hear, well, it’s not that hard to do.

When a classmates body washes up on shore and Cam hears the thoughts of the killer in the crowd she knows she must stop him. Going against her grandmother’s teachings about flying under the radar she sets out to find the killer. What she finds is Lewis, the new mysterious kid that seems to know what she is thinking. Could it be true? Could there be more like her?

Solving the murder mystery was one thing, but falling for Lewis is a complete other. Cam finds a confidant in him, something she has never had. Being raised by her grandmother after her dad died and her mom abandoned her has forced Cam to grow up completely isolated. Always scared, always hiding…always running.

Lewis offers her an escape. Come with him to a place where more mind readers exist. Leave with him and never come back. Cam follows, never once thinking of the reasoning or ramifications of her actions. Meeting the owner of her new home, Aaron is like a dream come true. He is willing to teach her how to control the voices, learn to build her strength. But like some dreams, it quickly turns into a nightmare. Things don’t add up, people are lying…Aaron, Lewis, the guy chained in the basement being tortured for the “greater good”.

Escaping isn’t a least not in her current state. You see….once you’re in, there’s no getting back out…at least not completely.


I want to cuddle up to this book and never let go! Ok, that sounds strange…eh….I love this book! It was so good! The mystery, the intrigue….THE ENDING *sigh*.

From the very beginning you’re treated to a murder mystery. One that quickly morphs into a dark community in which the lines of right and wrong are blurry. Each side pulling at an arm, wanting you to believe only them. Who do you pick? How do you make the decision who to choose when each side is sprinkling in lies along with the truth?

I loved Cam and Lewis together. Even though I don’t think they are meant to be together for the long haul. Lewis is strong, gorgeous, and WAY to young for me…but he made my nearly 30-year-old heart skip a beat. Lori wrote him so vividly, that I could see him, feel the heat from his body that Cam always felt. See the deep blue pools of his eyes.

Cam is young, she is confused..but I still liked her. Her experiencing love for the first time…the kiss, the emotions. It felt totally real to me. The jealousy, confusion and ultimately, the betrayal. I could see through her eyes, it was all so fresh and new… Cam is a strong mind reader, apparently one of the strongest in existence and Lori’s portrayal of her does my image justice.That generally doesn’t happen to me. I’m often let down in the portrayal of a character I’ve built up in my mind. Can doesn’t come across as whiney or weak. I was often struck by the fact that she seemed older than her years.

I have no clue what to make of Aaron. Whether he honestly thinks he is doing things for the right reason or not. I haven’t a clue if the guy being tortured in the basement, Maddox, is telling the truth either. The organization Maddox works for (SPI) is shadowy and cloaked in their own secrets. All we know is that Cam’s father worked for them at one point. Was it the SPI that murdered him or someone closer? Did I mention that Maddox has beautiful steel-gray eyes and a rock hard body? No? *le sigh*. Plus he’s closer to my age at somewhere around 21…would that make me a cougar? There was a definite connection between him and Cam from the instant he locks his scowling eyes onto her.

I have so many questions at the end of the book that I want to scream in frustration that I don’t have the second one in my hands RIGHT NOW. The knowledge that I have to wait for however long before book two is done…shoot I don’t even know if she’s started writing it yet. See me shaking my fists toward the heavens in frustration.

Lori Brighton is an author not to be missed! The Mind Readers will send you warp speed into a world where your thoughts and darkest secrets are on display for all. Things are not always what they seem and the evil may lie in the shades of gray.

The Mind Readers gets 4.50 stars from me!


*Guess what? The book is only $.99 until December 20th!! Find it on Amazon and Smashwords for the e-format *


  1. I planned on buying this, but after reading your review, I’m going to buy it RIGHT NOW. I thought the The Ghost Hunter was great, and this sounds like it might even be better.

  2. What a great review! This sounds like such a good book! I’ve seen it lurking around the blogs and I kept thinking I was hearing whispers in my head. Come to find out it was calling me to be read!!! Thanks!

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