Boudoir Shenanigans

My goal today was to get a blog in. I figured I would just be able to fit that in while I am here at the studio answering emails. Today has been an epic fail. I got here and did get those emails answered but since then I have acquired a case of adult ADD. I have flitted between Facebook, Twitter and MY email all morning. It is now after 1 and here I am just starting this blog. I have got a few moments while a photo shoot is going on about 10 feet behind me. That’s right gentleman, a BOUDOIR photo shoot. For those men that don’t know what that fancy word means…let me break it down for you…underwear. My husband loves me to talk about my job, let me tell you. However, this environment is not conducive to blog writing. Really? You try blogging while “Justify My Love” by Madonna is blaring in the background. And all I hear is “put your arm up this way, face your ass that way, close your eyes, yeah that looks sexy….” My concentration is wavering I will fully admit. At least the music is over at the other side of the room today. Normally it’s coming from my computer which is 12 inches in front of my face. Blaring in my ear is even worse than across the room. At least right now I can think. When it’s coming from my computer I basically check out of my own head for an hour because even pondering what’s for lunch becomes a problem. One can only listen to Lady Gaga and Usher for so long. But, that’s what puts ladies in the mood to do a boudoir shoot, so that’s what gets played. By the end of the day I want to drive home in the quiet peace of my car and not hear anything remotely sexy. If Lady Gaga comes on the local station I have to resist the urge to run my car into the nearest tree.

I have learned a lot of things about lingerie since starting this though. I’m no prude but really, I don’t think I have owned anything as sexy as some of the outfits I have seen come through these doors. I wish I had the confidence that some of these ladies do. I tend to stick to basic undies and bras. But, honestly, I have seen amazing outfits since being here. Some not so amazing, but, I won’t get into that HA.

Oh, and the conversations we have! I am always laughing when I am here. Just this morning we had a discussion about penises and how God made women so much more eye pleasing then a man. Did you have that conversation at your office today? Probably not, huh? Can’t imagine having that conversation at The Home Depot, which was my last job. Yep, right in the middle of the power tools section.

Overall how many people can say they work with two amazing photographers? Who also happen to be awesome people and great friends? The fact that I get to see lovely ladies on a day-to-day basis, well that’s just icing on the cake isn’t it?

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