An Opportunity Seized by Donna Gallagher

An Opportunity Seized by Donna GallagherAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Totally Bound

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Antoinette ‘Toni’ Grimaldi prefers to keep out of the spotlight, blend in with the crowd and experience life the same as the bulk of the population. Being a mining magnate’s daughter is a difficult persona for her to uphold. She just doesn’t fit in with high society standards, always managing to say something inappropriate or trip over her own feet at the worst possible moment, resulting in that look of disappointment and embarrassment her parents inevitably wear whenever she’s around. Meeting a handsome stranger who comes to her rescue and asks her out on a date is so much more than Toni could have ever hoped for on her dream holiday—one she is surprised her parents have even permitted her to take alone. Her fairy-tale moment is short-lived, though, when Toni discovers the stranger has been hired by her family to follow her every move—under the guise of keeping her safe.

Jason finds he is drawn to Antoinette. She is nothing at all like the socialite he was expecting to shadow around London’s nightclubs. After an awkward first meeting, he convinces Toni that there is more to his interest in her than just as her bodyguard. To his surprise, his attraction for the soft-spoken, thoughtful woman grows, despite his usual reluctance to commit to any kind of relationship.

Then a disaster at one of the family-owned mines and a string of death threats force Toni to return home, and her need for a bodyguard becomes a life and death reality.

Sometimes I will start reading a book without really knowing what it’s about. Yes, I have too many books, so I can honestly pick one up (or open my Nook) and not know what I’m going to be reading about. I have never read anything by Donna Gallagher so I had no idea what to expect, and since it was an e-book, I couldn’t exactly read the back cover. I wanted to really like this book. It was a short-ish story labeled as erotica that had some steamy moments but lacked a little substance.

I liked the storyline: wealthy, plump, insecure heiress falls for the studly security guard who is providing protection for her while she’s on vacation. I liked Toni and Jason as individuals. They were both very believable. Antoinette “Toni” Grimaldi has never felt like she belonged in the high society circles her parents move in. She’s too shy, too awkward, too fat. As a mining magnate’s daughter, she has lived in the shadow of her father, feeling like she’s never lived up to his standards. Jason is a former soldier turned security guard who is shadowing Toni while she tours London. She thinks she’s finally broken free from her parents while at the same time surprised they’d let her go alone. What she doesn’t know is that she’s not alone – they’ve hired someone to watch over her.

Jason breaks all the rules when he lets himself get personally involved with Toni. From the moment he reveals himself to her (in a somewhat lame damsel in distress moment), he is caught hook, line and sinker. When he took the assignment, he was dreading having to follow a shallow socialite all around London while she parties her vacation away. He is shocked when he sees Toni. Watching her wander around London, visiting the same sites he would have chosen to see, spending all of her time alone and never once giving off the millionaire vibe chases away all of his preconceived notions about her. While he’s never before felt inclined to focus on a relationship or worry about a future with a woman, being with Toni rouses all of his protective instincts and he finds himself unable to resist her.

Both Jason and Toni have their own insecurities about being in a relationship with the other. I thought their fears were valid and the way they made themselves vulnerable to each other was great. The whole danger scene towards the end was a bit unrealistic, but I wouldn’t expect much more from an erotic romance. I didn’t like the lack of editing. Most books will have a mistake or two, but this one had more than a few and it was distracting. Another thing I didn’t like was the author’s constant use of the character’s names. Instead of using “he” or “she”, she constantly wrote “Jason” or “Toni” and it was a little annoying.

An Opportunity Seized was a fast read that, while enjoyable, didn’t quite live up to its potential.

I give An Opportunity Seized by Donna Gallagher 3.5 stars

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