Diary of an Accidental Wallflower by Jennifer McQuiston (Seduction Diaries #1)

Diary of an Accidental WallflowerAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Avon

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

Pretty and popular, Miss Clare Westmore knows exactly what (or rather, who) she wants: the next Duke of Harrington. But when she twists her ankle on the eve of the Season’s most touted event, Clare is left standing in the wallflower line watching her best friend dance away with her duke.

Dr. Daniel Merial is tempted to deliver more than a diagnosis to London’s most unlikely wallflower, but he doesn’t have time for distractions, even one so delectable. Besides, she’s clearly got her sights on more promising prey. So why can’t he stop thinking about her? All Clare wants to do is return to the dance floor. But as her former friends try to knock her permanently out of place, she realizes with horror she is falling for her doctor instead of her duke. When her ankle finally heals and she faces her old life again, will she throw herself back into the game? Or will her time in the wallflower line have given her a glimpse of who she was really meant to be?

This is the start of a new series by an author I have enjoyed reading before. Ms. McQuiston always writes her heroes and heroines in unique scenarios and I love to see how she brings them together.

Miss Clare Westmore is excited to be experiencing London’s season this year. She has high hopes that a certain Duke will dance with her more and seek out her company. She has her sights set on Charles Alban, the Duke of Harrington and he seems to be noticing her attention as he has asked her to dance several times and even came to call on her at home. Unfortunately on the eve of one of the most exciting balls of the year Clare twists her ankle and wonders if she will be able to walk, let alone dance.

Dr Daniel Merial is attending the ball to watch over Lady Austerly, an older patient of his when he notices a young woman who seems to be in pain. When he makes a comment to her, she is rude and puts him off, that is until they stumble on an embarrassing situation and she is forced to let him examine her ankle. He is hired by her mother to attend Clare’s ankle for the next few weeks and he finds her an intriguing, intelligent young woman who unfortunately plays dumb with her friends and Alban and he calls her on it, causing friction between the two.

This is a highly engaging story to start a new series. I usually do not enjoy a historical romance where the hero is a step or two beneath the heroine in class structure so had a hard time at first, but I fell in love with Daniel and adored this story.

As I mentioned before, I believe Daniel is the perfect hero, he is passionate about his profession, cares about people no matter who they are and wants everyone to be themselves. Which is what he often says to Clare when he observes her around her so called friends and Alban. As he gets to know the real Clare, he relishes being around her as she is funny, smart and loves being around her family.

Clare is an interesting character, she is caught between a rock and a hard place, thinking she needs to be someone she is not in order to gain the attention of the man she wants to marry, this causes her to seem rude, superficial and stuck up, but in reality she is more bookish, enjoys keeping up with current news and spending time with her brother and sister. When she meets Daniel she knows he is beneath her but secretly enjoys spending time with him, yet her long term goal of marriage clouds her view. Daniel knows he is not the one for her but pushes her to be herself even if it means she is a bit of a outcast.

The two dance around their attraction, but the real block to their relationship is society and the class distinction. Secondary characters play key roles in this story, I like Lady Austerly who is very entertaining as she keeps poor Daniel on his toes and I loved Clare’s brother and sister, they are cute and engaging as they are coming into their own personalities, I will enjoy Lucy’s story. Even Clare’s parents are interesting as deep secrets are revealed. Ms. McQuiston has many twists and turns up her sleeve and takes the story in various directions that keep the reader interested and intrigued. The ending is delightful and I enjoy how things play out. A wonderful start to a new series that I will definitely continue to read.

I give Diary of an Accidental Wallflower by Jennifer McQuiston 4 stars!

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