Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne (Unexpected Heroes #1)

Her Unexpected Hero by Melody AnneAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Pocket Books

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Alyssa’s modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager boyfriend emptied her bank account and ruined her professional reputation. Now she’s heading to a new town in Montana to rebuild her life—if she can even get there (stupid delayed planes!). But things are looking up when she’s upgraded to first class and a mysterious stranger sits down next to her…

Jackson Whitman doesn’t believe in love, or commitment, or forever—not since he lost his wife and daughter. But the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the gate has him rethinking that position. Can he convince her to be his for the night? Or will she convince him to be hers for a lifetime?

This is an enjoyable start to a new series featuring three sexy brothers who had a rough start in life. The story centers around small town life with a cute premise and engaging characters.

Alyssa Gerard is flying home to her parents in Montana, a little dishearten and very broke. Her ex-manager, ex-boyfriend left her desperate, not only taking all her money but also tarnishing her reputation. Although she is ready to make a new life for herself, she wishes it could have been on her terms. When she meets the disgruntled good looking man in the airport, she is not sure what to think, but is intrigued when she learns her good fortune of an upgrade to first class was his doing.

Jackson is grumpy and does not want to talk to anyone he just wants to get home. But an unexpected late plane has him noticing a beautiful woman, so much so that he gives her his extra seat in first class. With a nine hour flight ahead of them, they take advantage of the chemistry that is between them and spend some time getting to know each other. The good feelings during the flight lead to a night of heated passion that scares Alyssa so much that she leaves before he wakes. Not realizing they have more in common than either think and that their futures are intertwined.

A truly enjoyable romance with a down on her luck ex-model ready to start a new life. A new series with humor and romance that shows how unplanned events can have good outcomes.

Alyssa is a good person who has had some horrible events change her future. She is returning to her parents home to regroup with little money and her self esteem in tatters. She can’t even call it going home as her parents have recently moved from Texas (her home growing up) to the wilds of Montana, but she rallies and I like that about her. While flying to Montana, she meets Jackson a sexy confident man who helps her overcome her depression and treats her to not only a first class seat but also to an amazing night spent together.

Jackson comes across as surly and gruff when they first meet, he is short tempered with the airline employees which turns Alyssa off at first (me too) but he is intrigued by her and makes a point to redeem himself. When he wakes to find her gone after their night, he is confused by his feelings as he goes home to his family, and is delighted to find her waiting tables at the restaurant he just happens to now own.

Their relationship struggles throughout the book, he really wants things to work out between them and is always showing up wherever she is which frustrates her. Not only because she beginning to like his company, but also because she is keeping the fact that she is pregnant from him, scared for several reasons. I actually like a secret baby trope in a book, but I felt she kept it hidden longer than felt right,

they struggle with their relationship for most of the book and it is not until a tragic situation happens that feelings are revealed and the secret is out.

The story is easy to read with a fast pace and cute plot. Secondary characters play important roles, this is a small town and they both have families that are very involved in their lives. I like Jackson’s brothers and look forward to their stories and sexy doctor, Spence is next. A great start to a new series by an author who I will enjoy reading again.

I give Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne 4 stars!

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